Every vehicle on the road must be covered with car insurance. Vehicles without car insurance on the roads are illegal, hazardous to other motorist and also to other road users. There are different types and levels of car insurance cover available. You can choose the most suitable car insurance cover according to your budget.

But, there are many other factors too that will affect the amount of the car insurance you have to buy and also the amount of premiums you have to pay. The factors are like your age, the model and engine size of your car, any modifications made to your car, the location where the vehicle is kept, whether or not the vehicle is alarmed, where the vehicle is kept overnight, past driving convictions, past claims, and more.

As a driver, although it is not a requirement, you should also take life insurance for yourself. It is for your protection just incase something happen to you while you are on or off the road. It is something like a home insurance whereby it protects and helps you financially just incase your house gets burned down.