It has been raining for the past one week. It was on and off during the weekdays, but it was raining continuously for the past 2+ days.

I guess it was not only raining in KK/Penampang, I’m sure the whole region is raining because during the golf live telecast of the Enjoy Jakarta Astro Indonesia Open at Cengkareng Golf Club, Jakarta Indonesia, it shows rain.

But, suddenly just before 5pm on Sunday, the sun shined.

When it rains, I like taking photo of water dripping.

Along Bundusan Road on Saturday

Rain at home

Heavy rain showering the ‘bambangan’ flower which are just blooming… soon there will be loads of banbangan fruits 😀

Took this along Penampang Bypass Road on Sunday when the sun suddently appeared. The photo a bit dark coz I’m not used to take photo of the sun. The sun is on the top left side.

The bambangan tree around 6pm on Sunday… very bright yea…