It’s time to send my car for servicing again… it has passed the 58k KM mileage… errr should it be read as kilometerage?… it’s really strange that we still refer it as mileage although we have been using the metric standard for so long… 😛

I always exceed the once in 3 months servicing schedule… coz my mileage within the 3 months period always less than 5,000 km… so I only service my car once in 5 months, once it has accumulated 5,000 km… although UMW Toyota said it’s not good for the engine, well, I don’t really care coz I’m using synthetic lubricant… lubricant from Toyota itself… 😛

It’s going to be the first servicing for this year… and I must do the servicing before the Chinese New Year… which falls on 14 & 15 February… which also falls on Valentine Day… and luckily my road tax and insurance are still valid for another 8 months… so I don’t have to worry about auto insurance quote… else more money need to be spent next month 😛