My previous posting was about Solid State Disk or SSD. But what exactly is SSD? What components do SSD has? What it made of? After doing some research on the net, these are the info I gathered:

A solid state drive is primarily a data storage device, for use in computing applications that traditionally use a hard disk drive with a spinning disk or platter. A solid state drive is based on either non-volatile memory or volatile memory instead of the spinning platter and mechanical-magnetic head found in a conventional hard disk drive.

With no moving parts, a solid state drive eliminates seek time, latency and other electro-mechanical delays and failures associated with a conventional hard disk drive. SSD is a high-performance plug-and-play storage device that contains no moving parts. SSD components include either DRAM or EEPROM memory boards, a memory bus board, a CPU, and a battery card.

Because they contain their own CPUs to manage data storage, they are a lot faster (18MBps for SCSI-II and 35 MBps for UltraWide SCSI interfaces) than conventional rotating hard disks; therefore, they produce highest possible I/O rates.

SSDs are most effective for server applications and server systems, where I/O response time is crucial. Data stored on SSDs should include anything that creates bottlenecks, such as databases, swap files, library and index files, and authorization and login information.

SSD is still very expensive for regular home use at the moment. You can read about the new Samsung 64GB SSD released in June 2007 at Samsung Debuts 1.8-Inch, 64-GB SSDs.

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