When it comes to high pressure water, we usually need a strong water hose… and strong connector so it won’t detached from the water tap. But when it comes to strong or heavy duty water hose, it usually very thick and hard… not easy to bend… and taking too much space when stored.

The water hose mentioned above usually for home or factory… but when it comes to fire hose, those are not suitable… and usually they are made of rubber which is not fire resistant. For fire hose, they are usually made of reinforced fabric and rubber.

The reinforced fabric is called jacket… and it can be double or single jacket fire hose. These type of hose is easy to store coz since it is made of fabric it can be flatten and rolled as a thin layer of fabric… but usually they are not cheap… and most of the time the size is big and not suitable for home use… πŸ˜›