I have not played online games for so long… probably more than 5 years. The last online game I played was MU… no, that has nothing to do with football or soccer… it has nothing to do with Manchester United. It is MMORPG from Korea… I believe it was the first Korean MMORPG.

Anyway, a few days ago, I saw someone posted a youtube video about MU2 on Facebook… yes, that is version 2 of MU… but the video was created somewhere in 2011… but when I searched more about MU2, I read one where it said the MU2 will be launched in 2013… I’m really not sure if that is true, can’t find more news about it… but that something to look forward if it true… 😀

But today, playing with game consoles are much exciting… furthermore game console can be connected to the internet for playing online. The call of duty modern warfare 3 xbox 360 is one of the talked about xbox games today… I played this game on PC before… and we played it on the LAN. I wanted to buy Xbox 360 for sometimes… but I just don’t want coz I really don’t want to get addicted with online games like before… but then again, there is news about the coming Xbox 720… I wonder if it going to the market soon… maybe I will buy that for sure this time… 😀