Japanese restaurant probably the first to introduced conveyor to deliver or showcase their food. If you been to Japanese sushi restaurant, I’m sure you won’t miss the little train going around the big table carrying plates with sushi.

The train is just a toy, it doesn’t really pull the entire trailer behind it… the train and its trailers are sitting on the conveyor belt which takes it around the table… and some taking it into kitchen. One customer got an idea and put a video camera on the conveyor… the video camera recorded the entire scene along the conveyor path. I did it once… err… probably two or three times… while a group of us having dinner at the sushi restaurant. There are 3 or 4 other customers at the time… and the recording was amazing… you should try it… but if there are too many customer, and you want to do it, you better put a notice on the camera, ‘do not take’, else they will think the restaurant is offering camera too on the conveyor… 😛