I guess everyone is in high gear for the coming election… yeap, the coming Malaysia’s 13th General Election. But that’s not what I’m going to talk about… I rather talk about something I like… such as photography or travelling.

Actually I’m still tired… fatigue with all the travelling. Last month, 20th to 24th March, about 18 of us went to Vietnam. Then on, 2nd to 4th April, I went to KL for a meeting. I like travelling very much, but there is one thing I hate after coming back from travelling or outstation… the office will wait with load of works to complete… :p

The trip to Vietnam was cool… rowed a boat,  fired 5 rounds of M16, crawled into Viet Cong tunnel, foods, streets, bikes and many more…

So travelling was cool… so does snapping photos along the journey… and this time I only brought a non-DSLR camera, the Canon G1X. Last year I brought my Canon 7D together with borrowed 18-200mm lens to Korea. So how was Canon G1X compared with 7D as travelling camera?… Well, 7D is sure heavy and bulky with great speed and quality… G1X is easier and lighter to carry around, but unfortunately it’s a bit slow when there is not enough lighting and you need some patience with it… but still a good camera to take along for trips. And now I’m thinking about the new Canon 100D for my next trip… it’s not here yet, not even in the market yet but soon… and hopefully it is small and light enough with great features.

So came back with few hundreds of photos… now how to pick and sort them out?… well, I haven’t… even the Korea trip photos I still haven’t sort out… 😛 Yea, I’m that lazy… 😀 I actually wonder how other photographer manages their photos… For me the most difficult part is to look at the computer screen looking through all the photos and editing them… it makes my eyes blurry… My eyes are getting tired… so I better stop a while and write something else after that….

OK, there seems to be a trend… well not really new… seen it a few years back… during an event like annual dinner, there are photo booth at the corner… just like this dallas photo booth service… they have a small booth with small stage and with the event theme as it background. It’s actually very cool, the guests like to take photos with their friends… it’s an annual event, so good to have something to remember it later. The photographer or his/her assistant will print the photo and charge the guests a few bucks like $15… which is reasonable enough.

You can also see this service during wedding event… but the photographer usually do not charge or print the photos on the spot… this is part of the wedding photographer service the newlywed… It’s getting late… I better stop… anyways, I you like to know more about wedding photo booth rentals, you can visit this site to read more… www.thephotobank.com… It’s quite informative.