Today I have to attend a networking course for 3 days at Mercure Hotel located at 1Bornoe’s Tower A, at level 17 of the hotel to be precise.

IPv6 is the next generation of the internet protocol… the de-facto protocol to communicate through the internet. Currently we are all using the IPv4 but it is running out of public IPs.

The course is not very tough but the ‘sleepy’ make it very tough especially after food. Foods are more than enough… for the next 3 days, sure will gain weight and tummy will get bigger 😀

Talking about tummy… there is a type of cancer called mesothelioma which develops in the mesothelial cells. Mesothelial are tissue which produce lubricating fluid to protect and allows organs like lungs, heart, and stomach to move smoothly.

OK, back to the IPv6 course… there are 11 participants and the first day is mostly looking at the white board. And the white board is not big enough until the lecturer has to use the glass wall in the room to write.

Hopefully tomorrow will be more ‘awakening’ since we will do labs.