OK, that was almost 3 weeks without update… well, as usual, I was busy with work… trying my best to complete as much work as possible before the end of May… to be exact by 24th May coz I was following a trip to Korea in the early morning on 25th May.

My journey to South Korea from 25th to 30th May was wonderful… I enjoyed it very much… the weather was so pleasing… I can walk all day long without getting tired… except for the first day coz our flight to Incheon International Airport was at 12.10am, 25th May… meaning there was not enough sleep… the food was served around 12.40am. After eating, I manage to get short nap before we reach Incheon around 5.00 am or 6.00 am local time… that was about 5 hours flight… meaning I had about 4 hours of sleep only.

I was seated next to emergency exit door… this is the small window I have.

When I collect my luggage, it was broken… the sockets at the bottom of the handle tube were missing… My luggage is a heavy duty type… it is the type of clamshell… I think I bought it about 5 or more years ago for RM800… and it has served me in many flights. As advice by our tour agent, I made a report with Asiana Airlines… and with the report, I have to surrender my luggage at Lost and Found office in KKIA. Guess what? I think I have to believe with number… you see, my number in the tour group was 13… and my luggage is the only one broken… beat that… πŸ˜›

So today around 5.00pm, I sent my luggage for damage claim at KKIA… I thought I have to fill more forms… well, there was none… all I have to do was surrender the luggage and the officer in charge check my report copy and punch in some number into his computer… and that’s it… πŸ˜› I ask how long it will take to get result or get it solve?… He said 2 weeks… ok, cool… coz I was worried it will take like one month… coz I have to use my luggage for another trip the end of this month and next month… I hope they will replace my American Tourister clamshell with Samsonite clamshell… or they can replace it with something like grinders at CoffeeMakers.com… and I can buy my dream Samsonite clamshell… πŸ˜€