Was attending the Incident Response & Management – Response, React, Recover workshop at Melia Hotel, KL on 28th Feb to 1st March with a colleague. I left for KL on 26th and stayed at Cititel, Midvalley… first was planning to stay at Melia itself, but decided to stay at MV for shopping convenience… 😛

When attending workshop or course outstation, food is the best part… so I was whacking the Japanese food at MV and lucky enough the Melia hotel provided Japanese food for the workshop too… 😀 So lucky…

But since I’m staying quite far from the venue, I have to wake up early… like 6am… and surprisingly I woke up easily… took taxi to Melia from MV. On the 1st day, I reach there quite early… before 8.30am… and I thought the workshop start at 9am… but actually it start at 8.30 😛

Somehow, the workshop was not what I expect but still beneficial… I was planning to attend the workshop so that we can device some standard operation procedures (SOP), documentations, etc… for reference when handling incidents… but this is more than what I expect… in fact this is more for preparation from the very beginning so that corporate, management, staffs, etc. are prepared way ahead before incident happen…. but I’m more on what to do after incident… 😛 Well I guess I just treat this as Corporate Strawberry Gifts… I spend most of my time after the workshop at 5pm eating and shopping… 😛 I went there with 13.3kg and came back with 24.1kg luggage… 😀