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must save money this year

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OK, we are in 2012… 2011 is over and turned into history… last year, the global economy was very challenging… causing a few countries to the brink of collapsing… some manage to recover, not much but enough to avoid riot. Some change government after fierce rioting.

Some financial analyst forecast 2012 will be more challenging… some said the economy will be so so… not much recovery but ok ok. Fortune teller and astrologer said 2012 will brings lots of hopes and happiness to all the zodiac.

Well, although some believes 2012 is the final year for mankind… life must go on… for hope and to go on with life, I will believe the astrologer… if last year economy was bad… food prices shoot up like rocket, lets hope foods will be more affordable this year. If last year it’s hard to own a roof… lets hope this year the price of houses goes down while the economy recover so that those houses for rent will have a new owner this year.

So what is my plan for this year?… I hope I can stop buying gadgets so that I can save more money this year. But the gadgets around like the AR Drone really tempting… and the coming Canon G13 or G14 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 gonna spoil my plan… 😛 Oh man… I hope not… I better renovate my house instead… I have not taken care of it for so long… 😛

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unfair properties sales

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Should the authority impose a limit to the number of houses each individual can own at one time for a certain period?… I think they should, so that the properties price can be stabilized and not keep on increasing every month… 😛 If not, those can afford will keep on buying houses and sell it later at a higher price or rent them out to those who can’t afford buying house since properties prices keep on increasing every month. Renting out properties like Calgary rentals is a very lucrative business… 😀 But why am I talking properties rental… well keep on reading…

Buyers Complain of Prime Units Being Taken Up Before Launch… that’s what in the newspaper headlines today… what’s the issue here?… Well, it seems that properties developers are ‘cheating’ genuine buyers during their property launching… I think it’s not exactly cheating, it’s more like the properties offered to the public are not in totality… meaning some part of the properties are not offered to the public… mostly the hot properties like the corner lots which has bigger land or surrounding areas.

Buyers complained that although they came early during properties launching, the hot lots like the end or corner lots are all marked taken or sold. It seems that the developer has given the hot lots to their family members, staff or friends before the launching date which according to them is unfair. To be fair to all buyers, they want the authority to intervene and they suggest ballot system should be used for these hot lots.

But according to National House Buyers Associations secretary-general, prime lots in new housing projects were usually offered to selected groups of people before the launch… so, it is true then that hot lots are given before launching… now, is this fair or unfair?… Those can afford will collect the hot lots to be sold later at a higher price… and this will make the properties price goes up… which is bad to those who can’t afford and end up only able to rent house instead of buying. If this is the case, I might as well start doing properties rental business… 😀

So what is the solution?… Should the authority impose a limit to the number of houses each individual can own at one time for a certain period?…

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