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stay awake or sleep early?

central market, Kota Kinabalu, motorhomes, photography

Today is Saturday, tomorrow is Sunday 23 January 2010… and tomorrow morning we are planning to go out early in the morning around 3.00 am for photography session at Kota Kinabalu Central market… we want to capture the life of people starting their business early in the morning… yes, starting and not ending or retiring from the night work.

Sometimes I don’t sleep till pass 3.00 am… but waking up at 3.00 am was never… as far as I can remember… will this mean I have to stay awake all the time?… that will make me feel walking on air!!! Yea, when I don’t get enough sleep, I will feel like walking on air… so what is my option tonight?… should I rent a motorhome? But wait, we don’t have motorhomes here… how nice if I can get a motorhome…. can park at the central market, sleep inside the motorhome and jump out from it anytime!!!

Oh, well… my option now is to sleep early… probably by 9.00 pm tonight in my bedroom… 😛 I hope my can get sleep that early…

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Wawasan Fly-Over

fly over, Kota Kinabalu

Taken this photos from 10th floor of Tang Dynasty Hotel, Kota Kinabalu. Wawasan Fly-Over is the third fly-over in Kota Kinabalu. The first, Bukit Nenas Fly-Over (I hope this is correct) has been completed. The 2nd, Karamunsing Fly-Over is still under construction. It is at the left side of the photos… I can’t get a clear sight of it from my room.

Night… around 12.30am, 11th December 2007

Morning… around 7.20am, 12th December 2007

Night & raining… around 12.00am, 13th December 2007

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