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Study Tour

maswings, promotional pens with logo

Last week, a group of us went to Putrajaya and Cyberjaya for study tour… about ICT Security. It was a great tour… learn a few things… and it was the time the Anonymous was going to attack Malaysia. We went to 4 agencies… one of them is Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission… getting into their office is like going through the airport security… have to surrender and seal our hand phone and go through the body scanner…

And at the end of the tour at each agency, we were given souvenir… more like promotional items. Usually the most common souvenir is promotional pens with logo… but the one we received are much unique… one is pen holder with clock which I like very much… and the other is umbrella… and guess what, we can’t bring the umbrella into the airplane… and it can’t fit into our luggage too… no choice, we have to check it in as part of our luggage and hope it won’t break… and surprisingly when we pick our luggage and the umbrella at KKIA, it was in perfect condition… now I know that I can throw in anything as check-in item and it will be safe… hopefully. But I’m not sure if fragile items is safe when check-in on a small plane like the ATR 72-500 from MasWings

Anyways, back to promotional items, if you are looking for promotional items where you can print your logo on it, you should check out Branders which is online promotional store.

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Journey to Sandakan after SPL

ATR 72-500, journey, journey around sabah, maswings, rv insurance

Went to Sandakan on Monday and back to KK on Wednesday. I was quite tired with the journey and furthermore I was in the paintball field the whole day on Saturday and Sunday. Journey from KK to Sandakan started around 9.00am by road… I prefer to travel by road coz it will give me opportunity to reflect life… err… you know to see what and how are life along the road… it was a long journey, about 300KM.

But I was very sleepy throughout the journey… I wish we were travelling with RV instead of the double-cabin Nissan Frontier… or could be much comfortable if we were using the Toyota Fortuner which unfortunately involved with an accident two weeks ago… not by us, but by some other department who borrowed it… 😛

And our journey was a bit weird this time coz there are so many vehicles seems to be ‘makan jalan’… you know, they drive till over to the opposite lane… I hate it when people do that… there is one corner where all three of us inside was a bit frightened by a big bus which was speeding and overshoot its corner and entered into the opposite lane… our lane… lucky nothing happen… even with rv insurance I don’t think anyone want something bad to happen… was really happy to be back safe…

On Wednesday, I did not come back by road but by air… for the first time I use the MASWings.. MASWings is owned by MAS by the way. And this is the second time I use a plane with propeller… the fist time was somewhere in early 90s using Fokker plane. This time the plane is the newer kind of plane with propeller… the ATR 72-500. Lucky a friend in Sandakan advice me to take the back seat… I was wondering why… coz the door is at the back. When I checked in, I asked for back seat, and I was given seat 18C… and the plane only has 18 rows… cool…

Inside the plane, when the announcement asked us to pay attention to the screen infront for the safety demo and instruction, I was waiting for a screen… a single big screen to come down from the roof in front… but how wrong I was… I never imagine this plane is more advance than the Boeing 737 or Airbus 320… the screen actually LCD screens above the passengers on every two rows on both sides…

OK, have to stop here… next need to write about the just concluded SPL’s 1st Leg… 😛



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