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i need funiture

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I need my office chair to be replaced… it is not comfortable to sit on anymore… and there are still many other things I want to request for my office, in my room… I need a whole Hon office furniture for my room… file cabinet, drawer cabinet, stamp pads… even a new wireless telephone. I really need to sort things inside my room… they all scattered around… I think I need to use the 5s system… 😛

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Stool vs Chair

back pain, chair, comfort, modern, stool

Sitting in front of the computer for too long is making my back painful lately… I think one of the reasons is the chair… the chair is too old I guess… and it cant hold my weight anymore 😛

When editing photos on the computer, I will sit for hours in front of it without lifting my butt from the chair… just looking at the screen and maneuvering the mouse and keyboard with my hands.

I think by replacing my old chair with any of the modern stools will be a great help…  yea, I think stool will be a better choice than chair… coz I see in the architect office their draughtsman are using stool and having a taller table… it looks and feels much relaxing… emm… just like sitting in the bar… wish I will get a stool for Christmas.. 😀

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