I’m not good in music or anything with it… I just enjoy listening music or watching musical performances. How do I appreciate songs? Well, I usually don’t care who is the singer or type of songs… I just go by the tune… music and lyrics. If it nice to hear, then I will like it… 😛

When I was small, I wanted to play drums but I guess I just can’t make tunes from the beating I make… can’t even do the ‘tung tung chang’…  You don’t know what is ‘tung tung chang’?… That’s how we kids refer to the lion dance during Chinese New Year… it’s the sound of the lion dance music. Then I started liking keyboards or synthesizer… coz it looks easier and futuristic… just like the computer keyboard. But still I can’t play or make proper tunes with it.

And today, I started liking drums again… and probably it’s easier to learn nowadays… coz I can download the electronic drum sets applications from the Google’s Play Store into my smart phone or tablet… in fact there are many drums apps in the Google’s Play Store… So I tried playing with the apps… emmm… looks like I just don’t have the skills at anything with musical… And becoz I get bored easily especially when I can’t get what I want, I tend to put it aside… 😛