I’m not really much of a car enthusiast… but most car enthusiast are not into new cars, they are most likely to be interested in old or classic cars… like one of a kind or limited edition, and they can be hard to find, and for that fact alone is what makes it expensive. But is it really worth it?

Most old cars are like humans, they get old, human get sick, and they get rust, and most of them are not usable anymore to be used on the road… but for car enthusiast, they aren’t planning on using it on the road, mainly just for shows.

But some of them still want that experience of driving an old car, but most can’t, unless they somehow reincarnate it by rebuilding it, which is possible these days through restoration, and if you do get a classic car fixed, you’ll get that feel of vintage air blowing your hair when driving an old car without its top.

Since it’s an old car, it’s gonna be hard to find parts to fix that classic auto air conditioning… if it has one. But it isn’t impossible, there are some mechanic shops that focus on fixing vintage car that has parts for them. So your dream of driving a car from previous generation is not loss at all.

But not all mechanic shops specialize in restoring a vintage cars’ air conditioning, so it might take you awhile to find one if you have any old car laying around, so that’s why it’s best to do some research, the best way to do research is search the internet for retrofit car air conditioning to find your nearest mechanic that specialize in those parts. And they might be several so it would be best to list some of mechanic that fits your budget in order to get your car a chance for a new lease of life.