I started blogging since February 2007. Why did I start blogging? Well, a friend who has been blogging for almost a year was telling me how he made money by simply blogging… by simply writing blogs?… WOW!… That sound very easy!

I got so interested with the idea of getting paid while blogging… will it be so difficult to do? Read on, and see how it changes my life so far…

So, I registered with the simplest blog host. Then I realized through research on the net, it will be better if I have my own website rather then subscribing to a blog hosting site. By having my own website, I will have all the freedom I want!

My friend was advising me to register my own url as soon as possible before I gone too much with my blog. What he meant by too much is that, it gonna be difficulty for me to transfer my old blogs to my new site once it’s ready. And it is true by the way! For that I want to thank him… “thank him” for making me an “addict”!

So you see, I started blogging because I wanted to do Pe PeePeee. I registered my URL and rented web space (and pay for it!) because of PePeePeee. I’m learning how to build contents because of PePeePeee. I’m getting less sleep because of PePeePeee. I’m getting late for work because of PePeePeee… what else can I say? I singned up with PePeePeee because I want to make money… what other reason can it be?

Will I turn into full time blogger and not worry about getting late for work because of PePeePeee? I DON’T KNOW YET! Let me make loads of money from PePeePeee first OK 🙂