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I’m going to write my hotel experience…

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I guess I will try to make a habit to review the hotel I stayed. It’s not going to be profession review, but more on my experience with the hotel… nasty words might be used too 😀 I’ve stayed in many hotels and encounter many kinds of experience… good and bad. So, what I’m going to write can be negative or positive… it all going to depends on my experience with the hotel. The hotel don’t pay me to do it… but it is more like community help 😀 becoz I found that many people are googling information about hotel… I guess they are looking for hotel… Hopefully, the hotel will read my posting and the next time I stayed with them and they recognized me, they will give me special treatment to bribe me for a good review… LOL

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Complete Eyeglasses Prescription for Only $8

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I have been wearing the same eyeglasses for the past two or more year. It was not that cheap when I bought it, that’s why I really need to take good care of it.  It is time for me to change my eyeglasses. I did some research on the net and found out there is eyeglasses manufacturer selling directly to customer. Wow… this is Great Discovery:! I’m sure you know what the benefits are when buying directly from the manufacturer. You can save a lot since you will not be paying anything to middleman and the shop. Zenni Optical’s complete eyeglasses prescription starts from only $8! They have huge selection of frames, with single vision lens, sun sensor (potochromic) lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens.


Lap Band Los Angeles

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It is brand new year, so let’s take the first step of our 2008 journey to a better health. OK you are FAT and you’ve tried dieting last year but it did not work well. Let’s try a different approach this year. How about surgery? Yes, there is a weight loss surgery out there. Just think of what you will gain if you a lot less FATTER. You can get rid your large dress collection, no more struggling on the stairs, able to sit on any type of chairs, no more handicap railings and many more. If you are ready, you can check out the LAP-BAND System. The LAP-BAND System (lap band los angeles) is the safest, proven weight-loss surgery and the best part, it is the only weight-loss surgery that is completely reversible and adjustable today.

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Online Casino Betting Service

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Las Vegas is every gamblers dream destination. Even if you are not a gambler, Las Vegas will be still a favorite destination. You never know, once you get there, you might be doing casino hopping. But if you are dreaming to try your luck in gambling but traveling to Las Vegas is not an option, you can try online casino.

Online casino is a favorite choice nowadays to play games. You don’t have to do any travelling hassle. Just stay at home and place your bets against players around the world who are doing the same thing you are doing through the computer.

Online casino like bet365 casino is able to provide over 65 types of games for you to play instantly online. Players only need to register with them and once their membership is approved they can log in and start playing immediately. The best part is, new players are given £100 in free chips to start off. And if the player downloads the bet355 casino program, they can play over 80 games.

Each player is given an electronic wallet. With the one wallet system at bet365 casino, player can enjoy a full range of benefits and services. One wallet system provides a very convenient account management system for the player since they are only required to manage a single account for multiple benefits and services. No need to worry about your account, just concentrate playing your game.

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Football Betting

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Bet365 offers more than 65 types of online games to choose and you can play it for fun or for real money. There are two versions you can play these games, flash or downloadable. With the downloadable version, your option increases to more than 80 types of games. But, whichever game mode you play, they’ll give you up to £100 in free chips to start you off.

Player requires only one account with Bet365 to play in all the game areas. And they also provide a one wallet system so that you can enjoy the benefits of their full range of services through one manageable account. Everything is conducted in a secure online environment. Your online bets are assured with all the necessary security needs so that you can enjoy your games without worrying about the online transactions.

Games are not only limited to online casino games, but they also have Sportsbook betting facility and a dedicated online poker playing area. And if you are interested in football betting, you can try playing the Football Rules game. I really enjoy this particular game because it’s very unique, play it for fun or for real cash, you should try this game.

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More Care Homes

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All of us are taught to respect the elders and care for the elderly. But in today’s world, that statement is not really respected or followed. And all of us are getting older day by day. Because of that, care homes are something we all have come to know about. But bear in mind, care homes exist not only because of negligent but because we want to make sure someone we love to be better taken care.

Care homes are place that provide services for taking care of the elderly. There are many care homes around of us, but how much do we know about them? It’s good that we can get answers about care homes from Battercaring. Battercaring is a place which provides dedicated service for anyone who needs answers to crucial questions about care for themselves or for their loved ones.

You can use Battercaring database to search for any registered care homes around the UK. It also provides service to arrange the right kind of care that is crucial to your welfare and for your peace of mind. They also have news and views section which gives you daily information on topical caring issues and healthy living tips.

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Faxless Payday Loans

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Wanted a small cash loan but not sure how and where to get one? You can try pay day loan at PayDayLoanQuotes. A payday loan or cash advance is a fast and easy way to help anyone with cash needs before pay days. You can call it as a small short-term loan.

PayDayLoanQuotes performs free comparison service where you can request for free quotes. They will help you by providing valuable information that you can use to make your own decisions about short-term cash loans. PayDayLoanQuotes do not require their clients to fill unnecessary forms. It is a Faxless Payday Loans application process where all applications submission is submitted through online. With the information provided by the client online, PayDayLoanQuotes will attempt to match them with a lender without any fee charges.

Match are not guaranteed, but PayDayLoanQuotes still try to compare offers from various lenders to find the lowest rate available that is suitable with the client’s financial profile. The amount of pay day loan can range from $200 to $1500. The approval can take as little as 24 hours.


Trusted Places community website

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Hanging-out and traveling have two things in common you can’t separate from it… eating and drinking.

If you happened to be in London, try checking out Trusted Places for list of London Restaurants. It has loads of restaurants, bars & pubs, cafes, culture, shopping, hotels and many more listed in their site. Visitors or travelers like you who have visited the place can leave reviews or comments about the place. You too can join Trusted Places and give your review once you have visited the place.

Trusted Places makes it easier for us to discover places to eat, drink or hang out.

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Hotel Reservations

hotel, review, vacations

One of the hardest parts when you are planning to go outstation or vacation, whether it is for official or private, is looking for the best bargain for your accommodations. It will be a bigger problem when your destination is a new destination and you don’t have anyone to contact over there.

Questions like… which hotel? which one has a good service? which one has good facilities? which one can give a better rate? which one has a good track or feedback? etc… getting answers for these questions will definitely delay or consume much of your precious time. When you can’t have answers for all these, its time to get help… like help from Hotel Reservation at

Hotel Reservation is providing all kinds of offerings like hotels, motels, resorts, vacations packages, flight booking, car rental and many more for worldwide destinations. You can book your reservation online at their website or by calling their toll free number at 1-800-447-4136

When I search for a hotel in Bali (Indonesia), it produced me with more than 20 hotels… I can’t believe my eyes… I never expect that Hotel Reservation is tied with so many hotels around the world!!! If you can’t decide which hotel you like, since they are all with good bargain, you can always choose 2 or more hotels and use the compare tools. With the comparison tools, you should be able to minimize or pick your best option to enjoy your vacation. The rates are fantastic; you can pick the best rate that suits your budget.

I’m also very impressed with their flight booking system… when I tried to book a flight from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to Las Vegas (USA)… I did not expect any result… but wow… it gave me 4 options… will full of details. They really serve worldwide destinations… and it does not matter where you coming from!!! The price is up to you to choose depending on your budget… options are there for you to choose. And you can book the flight right from the website.

It does not matter where you are from and where is your destination because Hotel Reservation has all kinds of offerings worldwide. You should use Hotel Reservation for your next vacation or travel. Let them help you pick the best for you… and you just enjoy your vacation.



How to Start a Business

business, review

You wanted to start your own business but not sure where to start. Do you know what forms to fill? Do you know what legal procedures need to be complied? Do you know which license need to be applied? Are you qualified? This question is very common to those who just wanted to start their own business. who is very experience in incorporation business since 1996 should be able to help people like you to start your own business. They provide training, tools and know-how to assist entrepreneurs with the incorporation process.  They started as a general incorporation service setting up companies in different jurisdictions. Their website offers online filing service to start corporation and offer incorporation in all 50 states.

They moved to Nevada in 2001 and open their first office in 2003. By focusing on one jurisdiction, they are able to make the whole incorporation process very efficient. Because they are locally based incorporator in Las Vegas, they are able to keep the whole process under their control and charge much less than competitors and still have a profitable business operation. They only charge $89 + state fees for doing all necessary paperwork to start a corporation in any state.

You can have business structures such as LLC, Corporation, S-Corp, S-corp., etc. If you don’t know what those are, don’t worry, I don’t know either. But you can have that explained by

They also offer affiliate program for those who want to work with them or become their agent (in all 50 states) and make commission on incorporation services. You can earn a 10% affiliate commission from gross profit of all services offered on by just referring new clients. The commission is paid from all repeated orders (residual income). Or, if you are interested to become their franchisee or licensee (franchising/licensee), you will get comprehensive training and complete proprietary software to run you business.


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