Recently Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) or National Registration Department (NRD) launched a new generation of the national identification card better known as MyKad. The first generation of MyKad was introduced in September 2001.

According to JPN, the new generation MyKad will be tougher coz it is made of stronger polycarbonate… let’s hope it is tough coz the current MyKad really bad… not tough enough… there are many complains about it… in fact other types of cards such as credit cards, ATM cards, reward cards and membership cards are much more tougher. These cards don’t get faded, torn or break like the MyKad.

The it was first introduce in 2001, MyKad is not just identification card but supposedly able to take over the functions of driving license or ATM Card, but becoz of its problematic nature, no one are interested integrating their driving license or ATM card with MyKad… coz the chip on the card is unreadable sometimes and it gets rusted too.

JPN said, the new generation of MyKad’s chip will be tougher and more reliable and it has 80kb compared to the old 64kb storage. The card has been tested by SIRIM and some international standard agencies. The new MyKad also has laser engraved photo of the owner and some security and invisible features… 😛

The public can start replacing their old MyKad starting middle of January 2012 depending on their location… as for me, KK’s JPN will only start replacing the old MyKad in the middle of February 2012… let’s hope the new MyKad will be able to solve the illegal immigrants problem over here… else it’s just a waste of money… 😛