Last two days, there was heavy rain around the state… with some strong wind πŸ˜›

On Tuesday, 15 December 2009, around 1.10pm, there was strong wind and black sky around Kota Kinabalu.

And to some lucky folks around Kota Kinabalu, particularly who are at Tanjung Aru or those who happen to be near the Kota Kinabalu coast line, experienced another rare opportunity to watch the spectacular water sprout… a dark funnel-shaped water connecting the sea and the sky for about 5 minutes.

The water sprout is tornadoes over water which swirl and spiral water spouts stretching thousands of feet high. It happens when there is a very dark cloud with flat bottoms and at the same time light rains begin to fall. Once the water sprout stop or break, the water it carried from the sea to the sky will be dropped which causes heavy rains… for a short period…

The sea water it carries up and drops as rain contain lots of salts… after all it is sea water… there is no point to have rain guards to protect your car… better go to car wash immediately to remove the salty rains from damaging your car… unless you don’t mind your car get rusty πŸ˜›