The sky is not cloudy, but full of haze!!!

The haze are horrible… the haze was here for more than a week already.

During they day, the temperature is too hot to do activities outside… the visibility is too short… like only less than 20km away. It is not only hot during the day but it also making the eyes very painful. The haze makes my eyes teary… and without shades while driving, the glare is just too much to bear, even while walking outside.

During the night, sleeping is not very comfortable without air-conditioner. And without realizing it, the haze or smoke entered the house and makes breathing very difficult. Now, my chest… lung… is making small whizzing sound when breathing… it sound like asthma… but I don’t have asthma… so it must be the effect of the haze or smoke.

The haze is not only bad to the lung but also bad for the skin… I feel the skin gets older faster… wrinkles are visible not only on the hand but around the eyes… maybe it’s time to get the best eye cream to make sure the wrinkles don’t grows bigger but goes away instead.

Let’s hope the haze goes away as fast as possible… and it’s time not to blame our neighboring country alone because our neighboring state is also the culprit. They are burning the juggle they cleared for plating palm oil… 😛 🙁