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power bracelet

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When you were at a sports shop, I’m sure you’ve seen some colourful rubber bracelet or necklace inside the glass display or hanging on the display cabinet. Well, you must have seen the metal type too…

What are these colourful stuffs?… Some of them are just plain rubber bracelet printed with sports brand or team and some with hard black thingy on it like stone… If you still don’t know what are they, the one with the black thingy on it are called power bracelet or aura bracelet… the black thingy usually magnets, but some are special stones… rare stones… and they cost more than the plain rubber bracelets.

The metal bracelets with rare stones or magnets cost extremely higher compared to the rubber type. They looks more like jewellery… usually golfer wear these… and people just called it golfers bracelet… but I guess it depends what sports the wearer play… if the wearer play tennis, they probably called it tennis bracelet

What so special with these bracelets?… According to the text printed on its box, it helps relieve or relax the body… πŸ˜› How true? I have no I idea… But lots claims it really do have some power or healing capabilities… I used the rubber type when I was playing golf before, but not for long… probably the reason I did not feel anything…

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World Walking Day by Nestle

calories, fat burning, health, nestle, penampang, world walking day

To those who want a healthy life… take note, this Sunday, 21st November, there is a world event… the World Walking Day organized by Nestle. I’m not really sure if this event going to be held worldwide simultaneously on that day… but for sure it’s going to be flag off simultaneously in six locations throughout the country… they are:

1. Penampang Sports Complex Stadium (Sabah)
2. Kuching Waterfront (Sarawak)
3. Taman Tasik Tititwangsa (Kuala Lumpur)
4. Polo Ground (Penang)
5. MPK 1 Field Kuantan (Pahang)
6. Taman Sri Stulang (Johor)

It is very easy to participate… all you have to do is be at the location near you before the event start at 6.30am and get a free t-shirt… wow, I’ve been talking about t-shirt for the past few weeks… πŸ˜› By the way, the event will be held from 6.30am to 11.30am and breakfast is provided… so enjoy the free breakfast while having fun with the free t-shirt and healthy life.

I understand that the walk will be a 2km walk… equivalent to 3,000 steps… which is about 30% of the 10,000 steps recommended for a day…

WOW, I did not know that… do you really need to count how many steps you do in a day?… πŸ˜† How many calories get burned with 3,000 steps?… well, if it burned a lot, then this is a good way to burn that extra fat… and you do not need to get that fat burning supplements if you do this 3,000 steps walking every day… πŸ˜›

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danger of losing weight

fake pills, health, weight loss

Read someone posting in her facebook’s wall yesterday advising those who are trying to lose weight using diet pills to be extra careful… coz not all diet weight loss pills are good or true to its promises in their packaging… some are genuine and some are imitation… and some are completely fake and made from dangerous ingredients πŸ˜›

If you pick the wrong pills… fake or imitation… you can lose weight pretty quickly as it promises, but the side effect is the most damaging to you. After consuming those fake pills, you will start experiencing migraine, lack of energy, insomnia and all kind of stress related side effects…

The worst part is, the moment you stop taking those fake pills after realizing its side effects, you will start ballooning!!!… you will immediately start gaining weight… probably higher than your highest weight before… so you must be careful when picking diet weight loss pills… especially from unreliable source… the best way to get one is by getting advice from the pharmacists or doctors or weight lose experts.

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your tap water

health, tap water, water, water filter

Do you trust your tap water and dare drinking directly from it?… you should not trust it… if you ever serviced your water filter… of course only if you have installed one… you will never trust your tap water the same way you trust it before. Boiling the tap water is not enough to remove the sediments in the water.

First of all, you should install at least one good water filter… today, water filter is not that expensive coz there are many wholesale water filter around.

But do careful when buying water filter… if you bought a bad water filter, it will only give you a false sense of security… and end up poisoning yourself and family…Β πŸ˜›

Just look at this water filter after being installed for a month… for normal house hold usage… cooking, drinking and dish washing… imagine if you don’t have the water filter?… just imagine how much of that black rusty stuff goes into your body throughout the years… boiling the water alone will not help… just think about it…

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sperm soup

face cream, grouper, health, sex, sex libido, sperm, wrinkle

There was a news from Singapore about grouper fish yesterday… it was reported that a restaurant in Singapore has bought a male grouper fish from Sabah. I can’t recall how much the restaurant paid for the fish, but the news is not just about the fish… but what inside the fish’s belly.

The restaurant manage to collect a kilogram of sperm from the belly of the male grouper… and it was valued a few thousand dollars… but the restaurant is not selling the sperm alone for a quick bucks yet. It is believed that consuming the fish sperm will bring lots of benefits… good health, sex libido… πŸ˜› Sound disgusting… but some do consume weird stuffs… if consuming fish sperm is good, I think using the fish sperm as face cream will makes skin healthy, smooth, wrinkle free… πŸ˜† So ladies, the next time you go to the market, make sure you buy a male fish with loads of sperms in it… πŸ˜†

According to the restaurant, a kilogram of sperm can make 80 bowls of sperm soup :O and the price for a bowl of sperm soup is almost 200 dollars :O so if you calculate that, that will turn about 16,000 dollars :O Not bad for selling sperm πŸ˜›

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i need to recharge

brand's, essence of chicken, health, lack of sleep, multiple vitamin, sleep, vitamin

For the past few days, has been sleeping very late… 2am… 3am… 4am… πŸ˜› Feel lazy to sleep I guess… I was just sitting in front of the notebook… surfing… and surfing to nowhere… πŸ˜›

Because of sleeping late for four days continuously, lack of sleep has weaken all my body system… I feel like walking on air right now… and I’m started sneezing a lot… and when I sneeze a lot, that’s the sign my immune system has gone down… I guess the 1000mgΒ  Vitamin C I take every day need to be boosted with multiple vitamin and supplement foods so that I can re-stabilize my body immune system… πŸ˜›

But I think I should take some BRAND’S Essence of Chicken first to regenerate my lost energy… and because it’s very tasty and gives me appetite to eat more… πŸ˜€

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the original natural diet supplements

chocolate, eating stone, food, health, natural diet supplements, poverty

The story published on the newspaper today is quite shocking… shocking as if Malaysia is in deep poverty crisis… the kids admitted… β€œIt tasted like chocolate, that was why I ate them..”

That is really a revelation… if you know what these 4 kids have been eating, you will ask… is the country runs out of food?… what is going on??…

chocolate stoneThe four kids age between 6 to 10 were admitted to hospitals at the northern part of the country… Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital… after consuming what most probably think was a natural diet supplements… these kids have been eating stones collected from the compound of their house is Kampung PandangΒ  Lembu, Kedah!!!

One of the kid admitted she has been eating stones since last year…cozΒ  it was very crunchy and tasted like chocolate!!! Then she introduced the ‘chocolate’ to the other kids… and from there, they have been collecting and eating the stones secretly.

Is the family in deep poverty… I don’t think so… she said… β€œMy father had caught me eating the stones a few months back and punished me but I was soon back to the habit,” she said.

The parents said… β€œI had warned them numerous times about it but they denied doing it. Ganggadevi and Nageswari were admitted to the hospital for the same problem last June and in January this year.”…. β€œMy husband may earn a small salary working as a labourer but we are never out of food. I am unable to visit my daughters and niece as I have two other daughters and a son to take care of at home,” she said.

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food is important

diet, exercise, fat, health, lipozene forum, obese, overweight, stamina

Some people are dying to bring down their weight… when I do my exercise, I don’t really care about burning calories or bringing down my weight… it’s not really important to me… I just want to build my stamina… I’m more concern with my stamina… If you have good stamina, your size doesn’t matter…fat or thin. But of course overweight or over fat is not good. If you are fat a little bit or overweight a little bit, but able to walk 5km without problem, that’s great!!!

sample of diet pills commercialThere are some people crazy about dieting… for me dieting is only for health… not to reduce weight. Food and eating is an obligation to me πŸ˜€ When you don’t have enough food, you will get sick πŸ˜› And some goes to use pills to reduce weight… that is more damaging in my opinion. You can check the lipozene forum for example.

Diet pills are over commercialized…Β  if you are not careful, it can bring more damage to your body and health than good. So, if you are into weight loss, do your research on the pills you going to take first… it could be poison to you but not to others πŸ˜›

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volcano acne

acne, allergy, best back acne treatment, health, pimples, skin, volcano

One thing that I don’t like when I have to take medicine is the side effect… I don’t really have major problem taking medicine… medicine is for cure… cure for my back pain… it just that I just don’t like taking drugs… and sometimes medicine which is new to me causes acne popping on my body… especially my back… it’s usually a big one… just like volcano when it ripe… ready to spew its larva…. πŸ˜› So far, I have not found any best back acne treatment… so I just let it grow… then when it ripe, I just press out the pus… πŸ˜›

And volcano type acne is very painful… especially when it grows inside your nose… or under your skin without ‘eyes’… without hole… for the pus to come out… πŸ˜›

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electro acupuncture

back pain, cold sweat, electro acupuncture, electronic, flowers, gift, health, mother's day

Although with the three type of medicines and a massage, my back pain did not subside… I almost fainted on the second night… last Saturday… the pain was so severe… till my whole body soaked with my cold sweat… yea, it was cold sweat… if you know what cold sweat is… then you can imagine how bad was I that night. But luckily, the severe pain pass-by after like 10 minutes… and I manage to get a sleep after that.

I did not take any leave this week… but did take emergency leave on Friday… although I’m still in pain. I shared my experience with my colleagues… and one of them suggested to use the electronic acupuncture… and loan me his the next day, Tuesday. So on Tuesday, I tried the device before lunch time… after using it for 15 minutes… I was able to walk straight!!! It was miracle!!!… I even manage to go to the gym on Wednesday!!!… previously… in the last 2 incident, it took me about 2 weeks before I can walk straight. The electronic acupuncture really suits me… I bet some might also benefit from this little device and instead of buying flowers for mother’s day, why not buy this little wonders, the Nicomizu NOM-699 Digital Acu-Pro, for Mother’s Day?…

I actually bought the Nicomizu NOM-699 Digital Acu-Pro for my back pain… and another colleague also bought one after she heard my experience… πŸ˜€

Nicomizu Digital Acu-Pro electronic acupuncture


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