On our journey back from Sandakan last Friday, we stop at Kinabalu National Park, Kundasang, at the foot of Mount Kinabalu… the highest mountain in South East Asia.

Late last year, we also stop here for lunch… from Sandakan too 😀

A lot of complains has been posted on the net about the high price someone need to pay to climb the mountain.

To climb the mountain, each climber need to fork out about USD$200… for one night stay at the foot of the mountain on the first day, one night stay at the middle of the mountain on the second night and another night at the foot of the mountain on the third day.

Those from other countries might not feel the pinch… but for the local, that is too much. But mind you, most climbers are sportsman or adventurers… they are not businessman… so the USD$200 also quite heavy to them… and they still have to pay for the other nights stay here… and their travel expenses too. That is why there are so many outcries on the net by the climbers about the hefty climbing fees.

Anyway, that is one story… here is another story… the price of the foods at the cafe at the foot of the mountain. Each person need to fork out RM50.00 nett for the buffet food. If I remember correctly, late last year it was about RM48.00 nett… emm… if the price keep on increasing… soon it will hit RM100 😛

According to some details I heard before… the operator is targeting international customers… and they emphasize on high quality and standard… 😛

But come on… there are locals too who wants to enjoy our very own mountain… don’t tell me they going to do international background check to every one every time some one step their foot here… so that they can charge higher rate to the international visitors or climbers…

But I don’t think so… I don’t see any rate different between the local and international… and the food is jus so so… nothing special… options for the buffet are not much too… and I see most of the climbers don’t eat much coz they are athletes…

But me and colleagues of course whack the food as much as we can… but still it’s not worth RM50 I guess…