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no mood to eat…

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I hate it when I don’t have appetite to eat… yea, it’s weird… eating is one of my favourite activity πŸ˜› and it’s almost like obligation coz if I skip food, I will get migraine. But today, I feel no appetite… well, I feel like going to be sick… my mouth feel numbs… I don’t know why… probably caused by the food I eat this afternoon.

Ishin Japanese Dining… Somewhere in KL… the logo looks like Hana Japanese Dining at City Mall.

I lose weight very fast… especially when I’m sick and no appetite to eat… skipping food for a couple of days will show weight loss… so if I want to lose weight, I don’t have to diet, take apidexin, etc. etc… I just have to skip food for a couple of days… πŸ˜›

Ishin Japanese Dining using iPAD for its menu.

Anyways, I manage to force myself to eat the dinner just now… maybe I’ve been eating too much last week and this week… last week was eating lots of Japanese food, beef and pork in KL… this week, eat more pork and Korean food back home… well, I just hope I don’t fall sick coz there are many work to finish… πŸ˜›

Some Korean food at Tanjung Aru…

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Do you know what is Fenphedrine?… NO?… me too… πŸ˜›

I was googling when I saw this fenphedrine reviews in one of the suggestions. So I click it to see the reviews… It turnout fenphendrine which sound almost like pen drive, is actually diet pills. It’s a fat burner and also to help control appetite… definitely not for me… I will not control my appetite… I need food all the time… πŸ˜› People said I’m fat but I’m less then 100kg… πŸ˜€

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Master Chef Malaysia soon

cooking, cookware, food, kitchenware, le creuset, master chef

Astro is full of cooking shows… Channel 703 (Asian Food Channel) alone is purely for anything about food… from cooking to building restaurant. Channel 707 (TLC) also showing some cooking programme like Jamie’s Food Escape by the famous British cook. How about reality show? Yes, there are some and they are shown at Channel 711 (Star World) like Hell Kitchen, Master Chef US, Master Chef Australia and Junior Master Chef Australia… and coming soon is Master Chef Malaysia!!!

I really can’t wait to watch what kind of food Master Chef Malaysia going to put for challenge… and how they going to cook… I’m guessing they will not gonna miss traditional cooking and food… πŸ˜› And are they going to use modern cookware likeΒ le creuset or typical kampung kitchenware… really can’t wait for the show… πŸ˜€ It’s going to be interesting since all the other Master Chef programmes are modern kind of cooking.

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Daphne Eleanor Iking, diet, diet pills, diphenhydramine, food

This morning went to Austral Clinic… I completed a week supply of medication a couple of days ago… I’m OK already… no more wheezing sound inside my lung during the night. But last night, it looks like it’s coming back and this morning I cough a bit… feels like there are lots of phlegm inside my lung.

Since I’m going outstation starting tomorrow till Wednesday, I decided to see the doctor again… just to make sure I will be OK during my journey… I don’t want to get sick while I’m away… πŸ˜› And this time I was given 3 types of medicines… two of them are the same as the last time… but there is a new one… I some how requested it indirectly… I said I want something strong for the phlegm and cough… so I was given 90ml Diphenhydramine… no it’s not Daphne Eleanor Iking…Β  it’s a controlled cough medicine… cough syrups…

After testing my lung with the stethoscope, the doctor said I healed very fast… ermm amazing… great… probably my lung was quite serious the last time he tested… πŸ˜› Then checked my throat for the cough… same thing, in good condition… and he advice me to take care what I eat… it sounded like take care your diet… or else you gonna need the best diet pills from me… πŸ˜› ermm… I don’t think I can follow that advice for now…Β  especially when I’m outstation… eating is an obligation… πŸ˜›

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lamb… junk… lamb…

adapexin-p, fat, fat burner, food, foods, junks

Chinese New Year just over a week ago… there are all kind of feelings… some said it was quite… some said it was fantastic… well, sure it depends who said it… as for me, it was noisy but I had a bad cough… not really cough but wheezing lung… it started 3 days before the CNY… lucky I did not experience any bad sore throat although I was coughing quite bad till I can taste blood in my throat on the second day of the infection. As usual, I try not to take any medicine other than Vitamin C… I was consuming about 2000mg of Vitamin C every night… and I guess it really helps although my lung was wheezing every night… but it’s almost gone now πŸ˜€

Food… yea, food… foods are everywhere… fresh and junk… was eating tons of pork, duck, chicken, lamb… even after the long public holiday, there are still foods served… in the office… on Tuesday, the QS section treat the whole office with CNY lunch… lamb… lamb… lamb… yea I just wack the lamb… then tomorrow, our section gonna have CNY lunch at Hyatt… weeeee… lamb… lamb… lamb… again… πŸ˜€ I think my tummy has gone up 1 or 2 inches… πŸ˜› gonna need some adapexin-p to burn all those belly fats… and I have not visited the gym since my last visit in November last year… πŸ˜› Hope to get back on track soon… coz the junk in the containers are evil… I’m like an addict… after dinner, I will automatically reach for the containers and grab… grab… those junks… πŸ˜›

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biggest loser no good?

david gurnani, diet pills, fat, food, slimming pill

There are thousand way to do diet… one is to stop eating… I mean reduce your food intake… then you can also do exercise… but eating is something everyone can’t avoid… i need lots of food… everyday… πŸ˜›

Eating and exercise is a good combination if you want to have a healthy body… I eat a lot but at the same time try to do exercise like going to gym… don’t take drugs… you going to regret it… even taking diet pills is not good… must be careful if you are taking or plan to take diet pills… if not sure what are the diet or slimming pills, click here to see reviews about diet pills…

Dieting should not done excessively… it’s bad to your body and health… it even make you look ugly after dieting… just like the winner of the first season The Biggest Loser Asia… after reducing his weight tremendously…. now he looks more sick I think… although he could be healthy… but the looks is so bad… more like skinny and stressed… πŸ˜›

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the original natural diet supplements

chocolate, eating stone, food, health, natural diet supplements, poverty

The story published on the newspaper today is quite shocking… shocking as if Malaysia is in deep poverty crisis… the kids admitted… β€œIt tasted like chocolate, that was why I ate them..”

That is really a revelation… if you know what these 4 kids have been eating, you will ask… is the country runs out of food?… what is going on??…

chocolate stoneThe four kids age between 6 to 10 were admitted to hospitals at the northern part of the country… Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital… after consuming what most probably think was a natural diet supplements… these kids have been eating stones collected from the compound of their house is Kampung PandangΒ  Lembu, Kedah!!!

One of the kid admitted she has been eating stones since last year…cozΒ  it was very crunchy and tasted like chocolate!!! Then she introduced the ‘chocolate’ to the other kids… and from there, they have been collecting and eating the stones secretly.

Is the family in deep poverty… I don’t think so… she said… β€œMy father had caught me eating the stones a few months back and punished me but I was soon back to the habit,” she said.

The parents said… β€œI had warned them numerous times about it but they denied doing it. Ganggadevi and Nageswari were admitted to the hospital for the same problem last June and in January this year.”…. β€œMy husband may earn a small salary working as a labourer but we are never out of food. I am unable to visit my daughters and niece as I have two other daughters and a son to take care of at home,” she said.

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loving grilled foods… bbq

Asian Food Channel, bbq, food, outdoor electric grills, Pork Ribs, Robert Rainford, Sirloin Tip Beef

Sirloin Tip Beef With Rhubarb Plum ChutneyIf you are a food lover especially BBQ kind of food, then I’m sure you know or watched License to Grill before. When I do channel surfing, especially when there is no good program on TV, usually I will watch the channel 703 at Astro… the Asian Food Channel. One of the series I like to watch is the License to Grill hosted by Chef Robert Rainford… I don’t really like him coz he talk too much and too animated, but I like the food he cooked… BBQ!!!

Pork Ribs With Smoky Peach SauceHe do his cooking outdoor… outside at the patio next to the swimming pool… most of time he do grilling and smoking the foods… with a couple of large and modern grills… but I believe it is not an outdoor electric grills but outdoor gas grills… I tried looking for the same grill here, but I don’t think anybody selling it here yet. I’ve seen the same grills in Singapore last year… but can’t buy it coz the prize, currency and the weight of it will make it too expensive to bring over here… hope someone will bring those electric and gas grills here soon… grilling using charcoal is quite messy and take long time to prepare… πŸ˜›

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bottles, broken, container, food, fridge, water

Family’s main fridge broke down on Thursday… it has been fixed a couple of times. Since I was on leave on that day coz I had my tooth pulled the day before, I took the opportunity to scout for a new fridge. I went Chan Furniture at Jalan Lintas, Kepayan, with one of my nephew.

Deciding for a replacement with the same size was quite difficult coz the prices are not very attractive… but at the end manage to decide after scouting for more than half hour inside the warehouse.

I ask for some discounts… manage to get some… but I believe it was a standard discount to make every client happy. So, I ask for free gift… and they offered me to choose between the custom water bottles or the food container… I choose the custom water bottles coz I have more use to it than the food container… man… they year is still young and spend so much money already… hope I can strike some 4D this year to recover all those money πŸ˜†

.. πŸ˜†Β ..

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Simple way to detoxify

black friday, detoxify, fat, food, health, life, thanksgiving

26 November 2009 Thanksgiving day… 27 November 2009 Black Friday… both are over… but the only thing which is not over yet is the food overload…

So much cheap stuffs and so much food… kilos of turkey and litters of drinks… but as usual, there is always consequences that come from overindulging drinks and food… some will start complaining they are getting fat… So what are you going to do?…

Well, its time to detoxify yourself… don’t think about weight loss pills yet… better cleanse your body from all those bad food first…Β  How?… Sweat out yourself lah… πŸ˜›

Go jogging… go sauna… go swimming… do anything to sweat out… πŸ˜€


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