Some websites are very dependent to their ranking from organizations that rank websites such as Google page rank, Yahoo! WebRank or Alexa ranking. Getting a better rank position for a website is useful when it needs a better exposure in the internet…. which translates into the website’s popularity… and sometimes… or most of the time… money!!!

My blog was once rank by one of the most prominent ranking organization… but now I have none I guess… 😛 but it doesn’t really matter for now…

Some might even go to the extent of paying Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) services to gain better rank. But is there really a best paid web directories services out there? Well, it’s up to you whether to trust the service or not… but I guess most of them are not doing what they promised… like instead of making your rank going positive, it goes south… 😛

There are also free web directories services… but this is worse coz they will simply put your back link into all their members including members websites which have been blacklisted by… probably by all rank organizations out there… which in turn, your website get penalized too!!!