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life insurance reduce tax

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Some people do not think life insurance is necessary coz they feel that the money spent on insurance policy is a waste. Well, they may be right… to certain point if they are rich… but if you are rich, why so stingy… hahaha…

Anyway, life insurance is not only for protection… it is also a form of investment. There are many types of life insurance package out there… even for education. And one of the good thing of having insurance is for income tax rebate… yes, currently you can have up to RM5,000 tax rebate for life insurance and medical insurance… combined. So if you feels that your income tax was quite high for last year, you should try getting some life or medical insurance… who knows it helps you to get into the lower income tax bracket this year… πŸ˜€

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Taking a break

insurance, IT consultants, paintball, spl

Going to take two days leave… coz there will be Sabah Paintball League (SPL) Cup on Saturday and Sunday. So I will be taking leave on Friday and Monday… Friday to get myself relax… Monday to recover from any sunburned.

Covering the SPL Cup is always an exciting and painful job… especially when inside the field taking photos and gets all the pallets or bullets when in the firing line… and most of the time stray pallets too. Standing in front of the flying pallets usually the best view… where u can see the pallets flying to towards me… and hit my camera sometimes… πŸ˜›

Taking paintball photos is just a hobby… IT is my real work… so getting a little adventure out of IT office work is good… out from the super cool aircond to under the hot sun… and get sunburned… πŸ˜› Usually there is insurance for it consultants but how about for paintball photographer?… well, I guess the normal life insurance is sufficient… but how about for the gears?… There must be one, just like the insurance for golf gears… πŸ˜› Anyways, I better stop here before I start writing in gibberish… too sleepy… πŸ˜›

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travelling at 500 km/h on land

bullet train, collision estimation, ERL, insurance, speed, super train, train

The fastest train I ever ride is the KLIA Express or Express Rail Link (ERL) from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) to KL Central Station. It travels up to 160 km/h, but since the 28 minutes journey is quite smooth, you won’t feel the speed, except when it go through under bridge which is something like tunnel… that’s the time you will feel the β€˜vacuum’ and when it pass with another train from opposite direction, it will shake for a while… air turbulence.

And the fastest machine I ever ride is the Boeing777… which can travel up to 900 km/h. But when you are inside the plane, you won’t feel anything except when the plane drop altitude suddenly or when it tried to avoid air pocket or air turbulence or probably thick clouds.

Back to train, in October there was big news in Sabah where a train hit an oil tanker… it caused a massive traffic jam in front of the Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA). The train could be travelling around 60 or 70 km/h and luckily there was no casualties… only some injuries like broken legs… some passengers jump out from the train.

And in China, on 23rd December 2011, a new bullet train was showcased to the world… the super-rapid test train is capable of travelling at 500 km/h… yes that is five zero zero km per hour… it’s fast… China made their big ambition to build the largest super train network a decade ago into reality. But with this super speed machine where there will be hundreds of it in the near future, it’s hard to imagine how China will do their simulation or collision estimation and avoidance so that train collision like the recent collision in July can be avoided. In the July collision, two of its high-speed train collided… πŸ˜›

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universal life insurance

insurance, universal life insurance

Today, learned about life insurance… again… πŸ˜€ When buying life insurance, usually the insurance agent will only quote you with term life insurance, whole life insurance or seniors life insurance.

But there is another variant of life insurance… it is called universal life insurance. It is a little bit different from the other term life insurance coz its policy can be maintained indefinitely… giving policy holder flexibility, transparency, and affordability.

Universal life insurance is suitable for a tax-advantaged investment vehicle, protecting a business (as upon death of an owner), protecting an estate against liquidation, funding a retirement plan and many more.

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Insurance Wholesaler

insurance, quotes, rates, wholesale

Found a great site about life insurance last night… it’s like a wholesale insurance store. It helps you compare term life insurance quotes and rates.

By just giving your height, weight and birth dates, it helps you to compare quotes and rates from more than 12 top insurance companies such as American General, Banner Life, Genworth, ING, John Hancock, Lincoln, MetLife, Prudential, RBC Insurance, Transamerica Insurance and Wet Coast Life.

If you like to try it, just visit and enter the three particulars it asked… the info it presented are so useful for you to make your final decision.

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need money for car insurance

auto, car, car service, insurance, quote

errrrr… have to spend some more money this month… received a reminder for my car insurance renewal recently… πŸ˜› The auto insurance quotes says, it’s gonna be RM400++ after the 55% NCD… No Claim Discount… πŸ˜›

Last month I just spent almost RM900 for the car service and air-con service… where to get money now?… The RM500 bonus for this month by the federal government seems to be no where… coz the state government have not announced if they going to do the same or not… If they give the bonus, then I can use it to pay my car insurance premium… just nice… just enough to pay for the insurance premium and road tax… but still not enough to pay my 7 more speeding tickets… the bloody ‘saman ekor’ or speed trap or speed camera… amounting to RM1800… πŸ˜›

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so many billions… for who?

10 malaysia plan, budget, coal fired plants, insurance, social security benefits

The 10th Malaysia Plan was presented… tabled… by the PM recently. For the next 10 years, the government is going to spend RM230 billion… and there are 52 high impact projects worth RM63 billion. The projects include 7 new highways worth RM19 billion and we also going to have 2 coal fired electricity plants worth RM7 billion… so many billions…

Do we have enough funds to implement all those projects?… How is the rakyat… the peoples welfare going to be?… Will the poor group gets eliminated this time?… Any social security benefits to everyone?… Or is it going to benefits the few cronies only?… And why coal fired plants?… Still no green technology for us?… the rakyat… the commoner are going to suffer further with health risks?… Any healthcare benefits or are we all going to have to buy new life insurance… again?…

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back pain…

back pain, blackhead remover, health, insurance, International Super Seven Championship 2010, mri, paintball

Last Friday, my old problem came back… old back pain. It came in split second… I was just sitting relaxing in the early morning… when I tried to stand up, I felt a sharp pain on my back… I immediately knew the old problem came back.

I had experienced back pain twice before… and it takes one or two weeks to heal… dang… this time it gonna cost me a paintball championship… the International Super Seven Championship 2010 on 22-23 May 2010… it worries me so much till pimples are popping out… I think I’m gonna need a blackhead remover at the same time…

Because it was so painful, i went for massage… it helps a little bit… but the next day, I think the pain of the massage was making my whole body painful… so on Saturday I went to see doctor… had an x-ray… and emm…. looks like it’s not a simple problem… since it has been going on for sometimes, there are some problem on the bones… and it cost me 300++ and still need about 750++ if I go for MRI… and another 20K++ if have to do operation… dang… health insurance is very important in this case…

I hope I will recover completely soon… and hope this problem never come back again… have to take care my weight and back… πŸ˜›

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where the heck are my files…

auto, auto insurance quotes, insurance, life, policy

It’s time to fill in the income tax again… but I have not received all my insurance statements… and the submission dateline is by 30 April… πŸ˜›

And the worse thing… I can’t find my insurance policies… the whole file containing all my insurance thingy… life and auto insurance… πŸ˜› I hope I just misplaced the file… it went missing at the same time as my passport and other certificates file the other day… I ransack the house and office and luckily found them stashed behind one of the drawers…

Now, it’s time for me to ransack the house and office again… I need to find it before the dateline… else I have to ask for new life and auto insurance quotes… that means more works and documents to deal with… πŸ˜›

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i need to get rid of this itch

alergy, Damai Specialist Hospital, dsc, health, insurance, tambalang

Both my palms and soles are super itchy… since early Friday morning. I was awaken probably around 4am on Friday morning and I was scratching my palms and soles like a dog scratching its body…

The more I scratch, the more itchy it feels… and it feels damm bloody good…

The itch are not on the surface of the skin but under. Although I scratch them so hard, the skins did not peeled off coz the palms and soles skins are very thick.

I don’t know what happen or how I got this itchy thingy… first I thought it was caused by the grass on the paintball field where I was taking photos under the hot sun for two days last week. But if it was the grass then my other skin should have rash or itch… but none.

Then I thought it could be the dirt, bugs or other stuff like horse urine I catch while taking photos at the Tembalang Horse Race Course two weeks ago, 28 February 2010… probably… probably some bugs or germ from the horse… and it took 2 weeks to incubate inside my soles or palms… πŸ˜›

With the race course scoreboard keeper (above) With the race starter officers (below)

But then again it could be anything I ate a few days ago… and it caused allergies to my body… πŸ˜› And I do have skin allergies but that was like 15 years ago… it was gone after I took injection 15 years ago.

I really need something… anything… to get rid of this itch… πŸ˜›

So today, I went to Damai Specialist Hospital (DSH)… usually I go to Hill Top Clinic when I sick. But since this is something extreme, I decided to go to DSH. I went there around 11 am. Registered myself since this is the first time I went there. But since there was 10 people ahead of me I only gave my urine and blood and decided to go somewhere else coz the nurse said it might take 2 – 3 hours for the doctor to finish the queue…

They called me back around 3pm… and within 10 minutes I was at DSH again. But I have to wait another half hour or more after I reach there coz the doctor was still treating another patient.

The doctor recorded my case and even draw my hand but he don’t know how to draw… πŸ˜› so he took out his little camera and snap my palms… but I still have to wait 5 days for his diagnosis… he gave me 3 types of medicines… and the lab, medicines, consultations and registration costs me RM339.75 πŸ˜› I guess only beautiful site for life insurance will make me happy… and I’m going back for the review next Thursday, 18 March… I wish I can ask my insurance to foot the bills… :Pο»Ώ

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