After 84 days without a word, the acne medicine he was taking is showing its result… finally he speaks!!!

OK, the acne medicine part is a joke… but it’s true, after 84 days, finally Tiger Woods spoke… and he said ‘I am deeply sorry’…

OK to those who are not sure what is it about… to those who hates sports especially golf… it is about Tiger’s fight with his wife, Elin, 84 days ago, during thanksgiving night… 😛 and their fight was not about the turkey or Elin’s face full with acne… it was about Tiger’s affairs 😛

Anyway, when the news about the affairs broke, suddenly his sponsors are cutting him off… but I believe they are making mistakes… If I’m not wrong, Tiger is the first sportsman who made a billion dollars. And his performance in golf is super extraordinary… He can sink a golf ball even without looking at the hole…  the hole is about 40 feet or more behind him… and at the same time made his ball do the advertising for Nike… and this was done during a major tour shown live on TV 😛

And I’m pretty sure the news 84 days ago did not make his fans run away… and he can come back easily without problem… and will give a fresh challenge to all the golfers out there… and the sponsors will start knocking his door… 😛