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the game i used to play

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GOLF… yea… golf was the game I used to love to play and watch on TV… but that was a long time ago… I’ve stop playing golf for more than two years… one reason was most of my golf buddy stopped playing or changed their sports… yea, change to more extreme sports like paintball… 😀

Another reason was my back injuries… playing golf looks easy… just put the little ball on the ground and whack it with a stick… the club. I can do that and have lots of strength… my biggest problem. You see, I don’t like warming up… whether at the driving range or course. After hurting some of my muscles, especially my back and spine, then only I realized how important it is to warm up your muscles before playing.

Well, what can I do?… I learned golf not through certified instructor, but by just following and learning from friends… big mistake if you are not discipline and lazy like me. Friends can’t force you to do things… you can change the rules to your liking… if they asked you to warm up, you can just ignore it… 😛 If they teach you this way, you can do it the other way… 😛

Now, after more than two years, I started noticing my golf bag again… who is sitting at the corner of the corridor… pity, it’s getting rusty. My back injuries is gone now… lately I feel like playing golf again… you know the urge to do what you used to enjoy before… but if I want to play golf again, this time I must get a certified instructor… probably even enrolls into junior Golf Schools if I have to… 😆 Yea, why not? It will be fun to learn from the basic… 😀

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cheap shoe at lintas

Adidas, cheap sale, discount, Giuseppe Zanotti, golf, lintas, nike, shoe

If you are looking for cheap shoe, you can try the shop at Jalan Lintas… I think it is called Grace One… it is somewhere in front of the Lintas Golf Driving Range. The shoes are somehow reject shoes… well, the shoe are a little bit deformed… but you will not be able to tell it… the deformed are like uneven colors, stitch not inline… etc… they don’t have fancy brand like Giuseppe Zanotti but a much bigger brand like Adidas and Nike. I was there a few weeks ago… I was attracted with their banner… 70% Discounts!!! But I did not buy anything… but I was eying for the Adidas Predator soccer shoe… to use for paintball game 😛 … it was selling for RM107.00… in fact, most of the shoe are sold at that price… 😀

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tiger is sorry

acne, fight, golf, medicine, tiger woods, turkey

After 84 days without a word, the acne medicine he was taking is showing its result… finally he speaks!!!

OK, the acne medicine part is a joke… but it’s true, after 84 days, finally Tiger Woods spoke… and he said ‘I am deeply sorry’…

OK to those who are not sure what is it about… to those who hates sports especially golf… it is about Tiger’s fight with his wife, Elin, 84 days ago, during thanksgiving night… 😛 and their fight was not about the turkey or Elin’s face full with acne… it was about Tiger’s affairs 😛

Anyway, when the news about the affairs broke, suddenly his sponsors are cutting him off… but I believe they are making mistakes… If I’m not wrong, Tiger is the first sportsman who made a billion dollars. And his performance in golf is super extraordinary… He can sink a golf ball even without looking at the hole…  the hole is about 40 feet or more behind him… and at the same time made his ball do the advertising for Nike… and this was done during a major tour shown live on TV 😛

And I’m pretty sure the news 84 days ago did not make his fans run away… and he can come back easily without problem… and will give a fresh challenge to all the golfers out there… and the sponsors will start knocking his door… 😛

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MST on Sale?

dress, golf, life, neck tie, polo, sale, shirt, suit, tuxedo

The day before yesterday, Thursday, when we went to have dinner before class, we passed the MST Golf Shop in Karamunsing…

What attracted me is that they are having sales… cool 😀

I saw some sign showing 50% discount!!! Nice… 😮

I’m in need of new shirts… and when I said shirt, I don’t mean those shirts like tuxedo shirts, jacket, coat… or any of those suit kind of shirt… not even long sleeves shirt… neck tie or tuxedo pants… although it makes me look smart and neat when wearing those kind of dress… but I hate wearing those suits… it’s very warm… makes me sweat a lot… and it don’t gives me much freedom when doing my work… 😛

I prefer polo shirt… or tee shirt…  especially golf polo tee shirt 😀 and I need a large one… like XXL if it Asian size or L if it US size 😀 It’s not easy to find large size shirt if it not golf shirt… well, as far as in here…

Maybe I will go and get some of those golf shirt on sale next week before class 😀 My shirts are faded already… 😛

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My golf…

golf, training aid, training kit

It is more than six month I did not hit a single golf ball!!!

My golf membership is sitting idle doing nothing… I think I should go back to the golf course since all I have been doing is sitting in front of the computer and exercising my fingers… 😛

For a start, probably I should start digging out my golf gears and my golf training aids… 😛

I’m sure my body is not fit enough to walk under the sun for three hours. I have to start practicing my swing with the kit under the shade first… :lol

I hope I can go to the driving range soon… yesterday my friend was asking about it… and hopefully to go to the golf course after that 😀

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A gift package from Dalit Bay Golf and Country Club

Dalit, Dalit Bay Golf and Country Club, gift, golf, tuaran

Last Friday I received a package from Dalit Bay Golf and Country Club for renewing my membership there for another year. I renewed my membership in January 2009.

Every membership will be given a package. My package was ready since February but I do not have the time to collect the package at the Club House in Tuaran… A friend collected it for me from the Club House which shows that I have not played until today since my last game somewhere around 4th quarter of last year.

There are few things inside the package… club by-laws, club rules & regulations, golf cap, car sticker, golf shirt and an envelope.

The shirt is size L, not my size… I have to exchange it coz if I were to wear it, it going to be a body-fit kind of shirt. Hope they have the big big size coz last year they run out of the big big size and I end up keeping the L size shirt.

Inside the envelope, it feels like there is a gift card inside. When I open it, the content is actually a membership card… new membership card with beautiful picture on it. This year the card really look neat compared to the previous year which is very plain.

Next, I have to fully utilize my membership… but it looks like I will be playing much lesser this year… 😛

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How did I sweat out today?

aquarium, exercise, golf, life

Supposed to play golf this morning with my 2 regular golfing buddies but cancelled because one of them injured. I really need some form of exercise to sweat out coz most of the time I’m only mentally exercised. If we’ve played today, it‘s the first for this year. The SMS I received yesterday… “T-off time for year 2009 will start tomorrow. Any comment?” and I replied, “No comment coz no training :)”. And then the cancellation SMS, “Latest info.. Mr. Adrian injured for tomorrows game.. T-Off will be postponed next week and to be confirmed next Saturday..hehehe..”. . . . Continue Reading »


RM100 Wooden Spoon

golf, life

Injured and tomorrow have to wake up early for golf tournament!.. I injured myself while practicing at the driving range last Sunday… I was hitting hard coz want to release some steam. I was somehow forced to be one of the players for my office… not enough players for my office. There will be few agencies playing for the annual sports… this is going to be my second tournament 😆 since playing golf for the past… errr… was it more than 4 years?.. I only play with friends and hitting at the driving range.

In my first tournament 2 years ago, I manage to get a RM100… 😆 for WOODEN SPOON prize… muahahahaha… You don’t know what is wooden spoon right?.. I also donno that time… well, it’s the most embarrassing prize… it is the prize for the second last place!!! In golf, they don’t declare who is last, but the second last so that everyone will be guessing who is last… but indirectly they embarrassed the 2nd last…

I was so shocked when they announced my name… there is no way I can win anything. I walk to the stage and ask the ‘bos’ what is the prize for… After I was back to my table, he announced what WOODEN SPOON is and the whole HALL LAUGH LIKE MAD COW!!!… I even see some guys jumping and laughing!!! damm… When I open the envelope, there is RM100 in it. To make it wost, my friends took the envelope and put in a coffee spoon. Then they showed it to the rest that I actually got a SPOON and not money!!! Then some get even more SHOCKED and LAUGH!!!… OK lah… going to sleep soon…


Is this zoo or what?


Yesterday ‘morning’, Sunday (20 January 2008), Nadzree SMS me to play at Dalit Golf and Country Club, Tuaran. The only problem is, he SMS me just before 12.00am… so after agreeing to tee off at 9.00am I went to sleep lah…

Unfortunately, when he called me around 7.00am, the call is actually like my alarm clock… so ‘terkejut lah’… So I quickly answered… and told ‘too lazy to go lah’… So cancel lah…

Then around 12.3opm… he SMS me again… ‘Boring lah d rumah… Mari t off lah.’… I replied OK lah… So, I went to pick him around 2.15pm… then ‘singgah’ at sportstoto for a while… 😀

We book 18 holes but at the end… played 9 holes only because too busy taking animals photos… but damm… I did not realize my camera was set to VGA instead of 8 mega pixel… shoot…

Anyway, if you like golf, come to Dalit Golf & Country Club Tuaran… if you like nature, come to Dalit Golf & Country Club Tuaran 😀 If you a tourist, there are few hotel & resorts around like… Shangri-la Rasa Ria Hotel and Tuaran Beach Resort

Otter… (not sure if this is correct) or memerang… running and jumping in sync like kangaroo 😮 Wish I have my Canon S5 with me that time… at least can zoom 12x

Bapa biawak… or monitor lizard father… it actually moving towards my ball, maybe it thought my ball is chicken egg 😮 We were speeding towards it… scared it really eat my ball… it turns back and run into the water.

Another monitor lizard… but this one is a baby lizard 😀

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How my putter was modified…


This is how my putter was modified… or bent. Francis, the owner and also the one and only one doing the work has all kind of tools in his golf workshop. I wanted to take his workshop’s photo… but I think it is not a good idea… probably next time when I buy my new set from him… only if I buy from him lah… and I’m thinking of Taylor Made R7 CGB Max or Taylor Made Burner XD or the Ping G10 irons set. Taylor Made is more ‘changgih’ or advance… but Ping is more forgiving… if you don’t hit the ball right, it still fly nicely to the target… it forgive mah… you think the pro can really play kah?… No lah… its their sets… technology lah… 😀

Francis doing his work… bending my Cleveland Classic putter 😀 . . . Continue Reading »


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