MU is Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG). I’m playing at usamuonline, admin by Sintress.

There are many Mu server but i prefer this server… The admins are quite strict… no bad words, no dirty words, no swearing… they got point on being stricts, not only adults playing but kids too.

I was playing a couple of hours when i got disconnected… looks like admin DC me to do something on my account… but after waiting till now, they have not change anything yet… they need to put something on my account since i’m a donnor on this server 🙂

Well, i left the game and open my bloggie… then i notice it showing exchange server stuff on the adsense… i just activated my adsense yesterday… or was it the day before…

I know i should not click adds on my bloggie… but heck, how can i not when it shows what my bloggie about… so i play around with the adsense… reading the exchange server and digicam adds. The adsense is quite intelligent… it actually shows adds on what i have in this bloggie. Cool… and now i’m guessing it’s going to show Mu games adds soon 🙂

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