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Love it! is a website which belongs to… errr… I don’t know! It only has the word ‘Turn’ in the ‘About’ section. Should we have more than one word in ‘About’ section? For me I would say ‘yes’ because I will use the section to at least explain the brief history or copyrights of the website.

But by having only one word in the ‘About’ section, it makes it very unique and secretive. The word chosen also make you wonder what he or she meant by it. The word ‘Turn’ to me is like asking me to turn back and read more in the previous page. And it also tells me there is nothing else in here… but it makes me wonder and want to know more… I don’t want to leave yet before getting an answer.

But if you choose to ‘Turn’, there are mixtures of contents in the front page like education, movies, life, facts, sports and many more. And the website design… emmm… something very simple but tidy… not like mine. Simplicity makes the website loads faster compared to mine which take ages sometimes to load. I think I might simplify my website like this too 😛

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Aaahhhhhhh… die lah!.. die lah!..

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So many talks about upgrading to WordPress 2.5 experienced flying around the net. I had a ‘tense’ experience when I upgraded my snapshots yesterday.

I started around 6.00pm by trying to rename the folder containing the website contents. But it gave me error! I tried a few more times but it still gave me the same result.

I was planning like this… once I renamed the website folder, I will upload the new version to the right folder. But that was hampered by the error encountered every time I tried to rename the folder.

I called Ben, to ask him if he had upgraded his website. He had but did encounter a problem. But it’s not the same as mine!!!

At the end, I took the drastic step… I dropped a BOMB by DELETING the folder’s contents! If you are not sure what I mean, I was actually deleting the website’s contents! During the deleting process then only I found out there are two folders giving error. I believe these are the causes I can’t rename the master folder.

I keep trying to delete the two folders but it just don’t allow me to do it… the error message said I have no rights to the folders!

Then I said ‘what the heck!’… I just uploaded the new version and paste whatever necessary files into the folder. After uploading, I tried accessing the updated website. Damm… it asking me for password to access the site!!! I keep cancelling the password message… and the upgraded site appears. Shoottt… this is the results of the upgrade!!!

Aaahhhhhhh… die lah!.. die lah!.. At the end, I send a 24×7 ticket to my host asking them to delete the two folders. After one hour around 10pm, when I tried accessing the website again, woohoooooo… it’s working… it’s OK!!!

I check my email… got reply from the host. They said it seems the two folders are just floating there… so they just restarted all the services to my website and the two folders gone after that.

OK lah… that was my scary experience yesterday.


Freaking April


Last night around 10.30pm, while checking my blog, suddenly it went BLANK!

It was saying something like my DATABASE is missing!!!

Ooooo boy… sound really SERIOUS!

I was so freaked out!

Earlier in the afternoon, I was checking on how to backup my database. I found the tutorial and tried login to my account. I’ve seen the interfaces but I did not proceed with the backup.

The  ugly part is, I have not backup anything from my blog since I build it in July 2007… that’s why it really made me freak out.

I tried this and tried that, but still the same error message!!!

I calm down myself and pretend it’s not happening… I don’t want to hit the panic button.

Luckily, after like 20 minutes, the pages started appearing but very slow. I believe this error must not be coming from my blog… it must be caused by my hosting service provider… maybe they were restarting the servers.

It gets faster and faster until past 12am… pheww… it’s back to normal now 😀


My dream cam is here!


While driving to office around 8 something this morning, I received a called. Look at the number… emm… must be office calling. When I answered the call… it wasn’t from the office. It is from Investline… the camera shop!!! They guy on the other end said my 40D is ready!!! What? So fast!!! Yipppeeee…


Are Blogger Wave Gone?


Not long ago, it looks like there are bloggerwave going on by the amount of news about blogs whether it is about making money or politics. But lately the news has gone down. This might not be true to politics’ blog but for blogs about how to make money. Opportunities for making some extra cash by blogging are quite hard to get nowadays. I and many more out there are affected by some ranking uncertainty causing opportunity to make money are harder to come by. Some has given up and completely lost of hope by unsubscribing completely to blog making money programs. But all hopes are not gone yet. There are opportunities closed but there are many more opening up, so don’t give up. If you know the Chinese philosophy about Yin and Yang, then you should know what I mean.


How did Roman Abramovich get so rich?

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Ever wondered where this Scary russian got all his money from?

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Online Advertising Getting Stiff in 2008?

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Looks like the year of 2008 will be going to show some competition among the online advertisers especially around this region. Some bloggers have to remove some of the competing advertiser on their blog. For me, I have to choose which advertiser will bring me more money. I end up removing a couple of advertisers on all my blogs last night. It sound unfair but I need to buy food you know… and I eat a lot 😀

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Smoky Road?


On my way to office from Penampang to KK this afternoon around 1.30pm, from afar I saw a thick smoke across the road near the Penampang Bypass traffic lights. My mind raced… house on fire? car on fire?…



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Advertlets oh Advertlets


Gosh… why is this advertlets can’t pay their domain?… it’s only like USD$10 what…

Anyway, for those sites who are being hijacked by the advertlets, just remove the scripts from your site and your site will be back as usual… 😀

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Benazir Bhutto assassinated!

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I’m going to write something away from my normal blogging… Benazir Bhutto the ex-prime minister of Pakistan was assassinated less then half hour ago!

This is horrible… we don’t want this to happen anywhere else…

…The attacker struck just minutes after Bhutto addressed a rally of thousands of supporters in the garrison city of Rawalpindi, 8 miles south of Islamabad. She was shot in the neck and chest by the attacker, who then blew himself up… Yahoo News

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