Ever wonder how online business collects their payment? Do you know what online shopping cart is?

Previously, building or starting an online merchant store is not an easy task, and not everyone can do it. Normally only major internet players are able to do online transactions because it involved a lot of knowledge about ecommerce software, online transactions, security and of course a large amount of capital cost.

But today, it is not the same any longer. Almost everyone can build or start their own online business. You don’t require much knowledge on programming and large amount of capital to start an online business like before. Only a couple of things you need to start an online business… like your web hosting and shopping cart software, and of course don’t forget the goods or services you want to sell with your shopping cart.

Ashop Commerce is one good example for hosted Shopping cart software provider which offers complete solution for merchants to sell online. The shopping cart software is easy to setup, require no plug-ins or programming skills, administered through the web and require no graphics designing skills.

Ashop Commerce is confidence with the future growth of the electronic commerce. That is why it has dedicated itself to be the major player in the global shopping cart arena. You can try their shopping cart software absolutely free for 10 days and you should be able to find your answer about how merchant collects their online payment and how shopping carts works.