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What is the fastest way to multiply money? Buying lottery? Yep, that is one way but it really depends on your good luck. Another way is to do internet marketing. But that too will depend on your luck. Well, everything will depend on your luck.

Anyway, stock market is one way people can multiply their money… lots of money. I and you know most of the rich people played in the stock market. I did play with stock market before but I almost burned myself because not enough information.

But if you play stock market today, you will not have problem getting information about the stock you are interested with. You can do your own research on the internet, not like during the 90s where internet is hardly being used. Plus your stockbrokers can do all the work for you to select the appropriate stock for you to trade.

You just invest your money, sit down and wait for it to multiply… that is why you are called investor 😆

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Trusting Slot Machine Sales Distributor

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How to trust slot machine sales distributor? Well, one is to find out how long the retailer has been in operation on the same place. Like Ace Distributing Slot Machines Sales, they have been in the same spot since 1975 selling, buying, trading and repairing slots machines. That is more than 32 years!

They have the largest selection of slot machines on their hand. In fact, they have the largest selection of Bally Electromechanical slots in Nevada and California. Other than slots machine, they also sell games from IGT, Bally Universal Mills, Jennings, Pace and more. They also have a very interesting write-up about slot machines on their website.

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Business Loan


When we apply for business loan or any other loans, we usually look for a bank or financial agency which can provide us with a great service. We don’t want bank or financial agency which will ask us all kinds of questions, requesting us to fill up all kinds of forms and requesting all kinds of unnecessary requirements. If we are applying for unsecured loans, we prefer it without collateral; after all it is an unsecured loan.

Other than that, the bank or financial agnecy must also provide an easy process so that we can get fast funding. We don’t like to wait for months to get our funds approved. We are living in a fast lane; delay means unnecessary loss to our business. All banks or financial agency should provide great service, easy process and fast funding for business loan just like what pledge to provide.


Phone Card Affiliate Business

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Do you want to start an online business? If you are worried about huge startup capital, inventory, stocks, web hosting or simply don’t know how to start one, why don’t you try phone card online business with eTrepreneur?

They have a very unique affiliate online business for you to start an online business. What so special about it is that, they provide you with a pre-build web site with your very own domain name which you have full control over to market your phone card and run it as you like.

They offer you with a very affordable online business with a very high commission of up to 50% by selling over 850 brands of phone cards. Your commission will be credited to you every month. You only need $74.95 to register, don’t worry you can pay it online with your credit card.

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Transacting with Online Shopping Cart


Ever wonder how online business collects their payment? Do you know what online shopping cart is?

Previously, building or starting an online merchant store is not an easy task, and not everyone can do it. Normally only major internet players are able to do online transactions because it involved a lot of knowledge about ecommerce software, online transactions, security and of course a large amount of capital cost.

But today, it is not the same any longer. Almost everyone can build or start their own online business. You don’t require much knowledge on programming and large amount of capital to start an online business like before. Only a couple of things you need to start an online business… like your web hosting and shopping cart software, and of course don’t forget the goods or services you want to sell with your shopping cart.

Ashop Commerce is one good example for hosted Shopping cart software provider which offers complete solution for merchants to sell online. The shopping cart software is easy to setup, require no plug-ins or programming skills, administered through the web and require no graphics designing skills.

Ashop Commerce is confidence with the future growth of the electronic commerce. That is why it has dedicated itself to be the major player in the global shopping cart arena. You can try their shopping cart software absolutely free for 10 days and you should be able to find your answer about how merchant collects their online payment and how shopping carts works.

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Beach Bum Makes $237,000 from Laptop This Month

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Beach bum makes $237K from laptop this month? yea right…doesn’t sound convincing at all right? In the beginning, it doesn’t make any sense to me too. But when I take a look today at this beach bum’s system, I’m starting to believe that there is nothing impossible when you know the right way. His motto, “Systems Work – People Fail… It’s That Simple”, actually awaken me… true, systems always works, system will fail when the people fail, people makes system fail… as simple as that.

His proven system called Reverse Funnel System will create massive wealth for everyone regardless of their background, education or even their current level of income… he himself was a construction laborer before! Now a beach bum who makes $237K this month alone!

From… Reverse Funnel System

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GoShop!… color my life

blog, business, buzz, shopping

Heard about the launching of GoShop! recently but did not really bother about it until I receive an email about it recently….

After going through the website… I’m very impressed with its presentations… the graphics are fantastic… I’ve seen other sites created by the webmaster… I won’t deny that they can really present a very impressive graphics… really cool…

Anyway, I still have some comments on this site…

If I’m a tourist… I would like to know the location of the shopping complexes… I would like to know its location in relations to the airport, sea port, main bus station, main taxi stand and hotels… that will give me better idea on how to reach the place or where to stay… address alone will not help me to plan my journey… I mean it can, but it will make me do some ‘seeking’… even if I’m a local from another town, this will definitely helps. So it’s good to shows all the hotels, bus stations, taxi stands, airport or any other land marks for every particular shopping town or city… tourist landmarks will be cool too.

Their advertisements are very informative and very attractive… but it lack one important information… again, direction map to the shop… address or phone number are not enough…

I like eating… everyone else likes to eat… yeah!!! lets enjoy seafood… they are cheap here in Sabah… the Taiwanese, Japanese, Koreans and everyone likes them too… so, it will be nice to see more restaurants with its direction map presented here… info like what are they serving and their specialty will be good… types of restaurant is important too… Korean, Japanese, western etc…

My comments are… what I see and feel while surfin the site… I’m sure they will improve in no time… contents are lacking for now but I’m sure there will be more in the future… and hopefully they will become the centre of reference for shopping heaven in Sabah.. or Malaysia… or maybe ASEAN… why not kan… buli bah tu… 😉


Business Card Scanner to Outlook


Imagine, every time when you come back from exhibition, conference or meeting, inside your pocket is one inch tick of business cards of your new contacts. I do collect some business cards every time I attend a conference or meeting. Because there are some many of them, sometimes I misplaced some of them after sometimes, especially contacts that I do not communicate immediately after.

It will be a great help if you have tools like Scan2Contacts business card scanner and software for Microsoft Outlook. This business card scanner from Scanshell-Store is very unique because all you have to do to scan a card is place the card into the scanner tray and the card is automatically scanned and a new contact record is created in your Microsoft Outlook Contacts. That will definitely save you loads of time… and preventing you from loosing your contacts.

Since Scan2Contacts is fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook, you don’t have to have any other software to collect and manage your contacts. It will extract complete and accurate data and images from the business card in few seconds into you Microsoft Outlook Contacts. With the small footprint, it is very potable and do not require external power. It gets its power directly from the USB port on your notebook or PC.

Scan2Contacts is great for traveling sales persons or exhibitors at trade shows who can scan their attendee business card immediately and create a contact list which will make it easier for them to do follow-up. Scan2Contacts also excellent for going into paperless office and get rid all those business cards pile on your desk.


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Ashop Commerce: Complete Solution for Merchants to Conduct Online Business

business, internet

Ashop Commerce offers a complete solution for merchants to conduct online business. They provide ecommerce software like shopping cart software, internet programming and digital imaging. Their solutions are great for small to medium sized businesses that are looking for solutions to build or simply start their online division of business.

Ashop Commerce has developed their shopping cart software continuously for the past four years leaving no stone unturned with regards to functionality and usability. Ashop Commerce’s skilled professionals with the spirit of amateurs provide unparalleled level of service to their clients without fail. They believe in building a business on referrals, smart thinking and hard work.

You can setup Ashop Commerce online shopping cart quickly and start your online business immediately without much effort because it is a web based application. Because it is a web based application, there is no installation required on your website. Once you’ve completed the setup, you can start accepting credit

cards transaction online plus thousands other features which comes with the shopping cart. You can customize your shopping cart to blend with your business type or website.

If you like to try Ashop Commerce shopping cart software first, you can try it for 10 days absolutely FREE and you do not have to provide any credit card details for the free trial.

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Advance Restaurant Finance: Tomorrow’s Financial Solutions… Today

business, buzz, economy

Advance Restaurant Finance or ARF is not an ordinary restaurant… but it is a financial restaurant… better then the bank!!! Their businesses are tailored for small and medium-sized business or merchant owners to place short term working capital loans.

When bank rejects you for financial aids just because you are just about to start your business, which is very unfair, ARF will fills that void where traditional bank do not want to commit… but ARF will!!!

In ARF, you can place short term working capital loans with competitive rates. Loan interest from your loan is tax deductible since the loan is your working capital. This will lower your net effective rate that you are paying for the funds. Its flexible repayment program will also increase your financing options.

ARF can provide working capital loans to about 30 types of business. Repayment period is 48 or more months. Their paperworks are simple thus making their approval process fast, within 5 days, so you can start your business immediately. And you can have their confident since they are licensed finance company and regulated by the State of California.


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