Although with the three type of medicines and a massage, my back pain did not subside… I almost fainted on the second night… last Saturday… the pain was so severe… till my whole body soaked with my cold sweat… yea, it was cold sweat… if you know what cold sweat is… then you can imagine how bad was I that night. But luckily, the severe pain pass-by after like 10 minutes… and I manage to get a sleep after that.

I did not take any leave this week… but did take emergency leave on Friday… although I’m still in pain. I shared my experience with my colleagues… and one of them suggested to use the electronic acupuncture… and loan me his the next day, Tuesday. So on Tuesday, I tried the device before lunch time… after using it for 15 minutes… I was able to walk straight!!! It was miracle!!!… I even manage to go to the gym on Wednesday!!!… previously… in the last 2 incident, it took me about 2 weeks before I can walk straight. The electronic acupuncture really suits me… I bet some might also benefit from this little device and instead of buying flowers for mother’s day, why not buy this little wonders, the Nicomizu NOM-699 Digital Acu-Pro, for Mother’s Day?…

I actually bought the Nicomizu NOM-699 Digital Acu-Pro for my back pain… and another colleague also bought one after she heard my experience… 😀

Nicomizu Digital Acu-Pro electronic acupuncture