Received a call from an organizer today… about  some online competition and coming government forum… the call was from outside the country… I knew it immediately coz the person on the other end has a different slang.  I have attended twice their forum before, so I was a bit relieve when I knew who she was.

Usually when I received a call from someone with a thick slang, I get very tense coz sometimes these people are promoting things like bond, fund, share… bla bla bla… all kind of investment scheme from neighboring countries… which I’m not interested and can’t afford. If it is about online affiliate marketing, I will consider it for my blogs… 😀

paid trip to home town

Anyway, the funny thing is about the prize… the overall prize for the online competition. When she said the prize is a 5 day all expenses paid trip to Kota Kinabalu…. I almost bust into laugh… but not to be rude, I kept quite… but laughing inside… 😆