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packed 4 weeks

engagement rings, mount kinabalu, photomarathon, work

Wow… almost a month I did not post update on this blog… πŸ˜› I guess, this posting is gonna be a sum up of what happen in that 4 weeks or so…
From 14th to 16th October, with two friends, we joined the Canon Photomarathon 2011 in Kuala Lumpur. This is our first photomarathon… was planning for the last year photomarathon in Penang but did not make it. The photomarathon was awesome… we went there for experience… and yes we did have hell of experience… and of course hoping to win some prizes… And we are planning to join one or two or more of the 4 countries photomarathon next year… Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

After came back from photomarathon, our branch office turning headless… 17th October was the duties handing over coz our head is going to head a new section… so more duties for me… πŸ˜›

Then more duty craps came… on 20th till 22nd October, have to attend office workshop at Beringgis Beach Resort… and I have to present my 2011-2015 plan… which I put it so simple and short… only 3 plan for five years… πŸ˜› Anyways, I did enjoy myself while at the resort…

Then came the ultimate energy buster… the Mount Kinabalu expedition by our office from 26th to 28th October. And I’m very thankful that I did train a few months by climbing the Bukit Padang during weekend… and also the exhausting one day photomarathon… This was my 3rd climb to Mount Kinabalu… the first time, I manage to reach the peak… the second time, I only manage to reach the Gunting Lagadan… the middle part of the mountain coz I encounter muscles cramp at four places… both my thigh and both my calf… But this time is different… we used the new and longer route… the old route is called Timpohon… this new route is called Mensilau route… and it is longer by 2KM… according to those who use this route before, it is easier… but man… they are so wrong… it took me almost 12 hours to reach Laban Rata… πŸ˜› We started around 8.30am… and I reach Laban Rata around 8.20PM!!!… man… I run out all my energy… but will talk about it next time…

Then after came back from Mount Kinabalu… legs are all hurt for the next two days… and more crappy works in office… was attending meeting almost everyday… I really hate management works… πŸ˜› And there are few wedding invitations… but can’t see all the engagement rings coz some of the date and time are clashed… have to say sorry to some… πŸ˜›

And today, when I woke up around 9.30am… my left eye was hurting so much… the pain is linked from my left eyeball to the top of my left head… there seem like a wire or hose… it hurts like hell… and it’s still hurting… especially when I cough. By 10.30am, I went down to take my breakfast… but everything seem not all right… my stomach started feeling uncomfortable… and I started getting nausea… in fact I vomited twice… but not much… then I just knock down my self at the couch after taking 2 active fast panadol… which I brought to Mount Kinabalu and I never use it… around 2pm, I woke up and took some food… And becoz of this pain, I did not go train at Bukit Padang for my next Mount Kinabalu climb in 2 weeks time… hope it will be a success…

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Journey from Tawau – August 2011

adventure, bus, double deckers, holiday, journey, journey around sabah, lahad datu, motor home, mount kinabalu, ranau, tawau, travel, work

After the exciting 6 hours journey on 24th August at Kalabakan road, we decided not to return with that road to Kota Kinabalu… furthermore the weather was cloudy and raining. We returned on 26th August through the common old road which is much longer… I think about 600KM or so and more hilly paths where it will pass Mount Kinabalu.

We reach Tawau around 4pm on 24th, and booked into Heritage Hotel. And this is the first time I have to change room. Before we went out around 6pm for dinner and ‘work’, I checked the windows to make sure it is locked, and it was not… and I can’t lock it. The latch is locked but not hooked… πŸ˜› I decided to report it later when I come back coz need to rush for dinner… ‘buka puasa’ actually since my two colleagues are fasting for the Ramadan. But we were only back to the hotel around 10pm something… coz after dinner we actually went to install and configure the server and troubleshoot the network that night at our branch office so that we will not be rushing the next day… after all we are still excited with the journey I guess… and it is ‘puasa’ month, easier to work at night.

I called the room service and reported the window problem, and they sent two maintenance guys. They tried and said, they can’t unlock it coz they don’t have the key and the person in charge of the key has gone home for the day. The other guy assure me nothing will happen… it’s safe he said. I scolded him… I asked him what happen if someone kill me tonight?… the other guy was more professional and said, they will find a solution, they need to talk to the manager or something and they left. A few minutes later, the reception called and inform they can’t unlock the window, and the only way is for me to change room… πŸ˜› So change room from 312 to 212 πŸ˜› . . . Continue Reading »

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Journey To Tawau – August 2011

adventure, crocker range, holiday, journey, journey around sabah, kalabakan, lost world, meliau basin, tawau, travel, work

On 24th August 2011, I went to Tawau for official duties… for the second time this year. The last one was on 10th May. As usual, we travelled by land… with our office four wheel drive the Toyota Fortuner 2.5D.

Although I can use airplane to Tawau, I prefer to travel by land coz I can enjoy the scenery along the 400km journey. Furthermore time is on our side if we use our own vehicle… we don’t have to rush… we can drive slow or fast… We can stop anywhere we like to relieve ourselves.

Not like travelling by air, have to be on time to catch the flight… I really hate it when the schedule is tight… that’s why I usually take flight in the afternoon if I have to fly… coz I hate getting ready early in the morning. Travelling for official duty and non official like travelling for Las Vegas holidays are two completely different loads… yes loads… for official, the loads like the garments must be neat and well taken care… but for holiday, I can simply chunk my cloths into the luggage without worrying if they get crumple or not… πŸ˜› . . . Continue Reading »


low on testosterone?

depo testosterone, fatigue, tired, work

I’m not sure what the reason I feel tired all the time… lately, I get very sleepy in the afternoon… fatigue… well, it happen before, but not as much as nowadays… I do have lots of thing to work and think… but at the same time I do sleep late… both can be the reason… but probably, I’m getting older orΒ  like the science said, low on testosterone… if you don’t believe me, you can read it from depo testosterone πŸ˜› It said testosterone levels decrease after the age of 27… πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

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green shirt

extra large, green shirt, petite clothing, work

Last week, on 11 till 13 of November, my office had a two days workshop… I went there a day earlier coz I’m one of the committee member. The workshop was held at INTAN Campus along the Sulaman Highway in Tuaran.

My duties was to design, embroiled and purchase t-shirt for the workshop participants. It was decided that the shirt will be green polo t-shirt. Sound easy… all I have to do is design the logo, the shirt and then get the number of sizes before sending to the shop. Boy… it was not easy… especially getting the sizes from the participants… Luckily I received the final sizes just enough time for the shop to get the shirts ready before the event. So all together I have to get:

12 – XXXL
11 – XXL
62 – XL
74 – L
82 – M

if I was to prepare for petite clothing, I don’t think we can get the cloth ready on time πŸ˜›

Getting ready the t-shirts is not the end of it… we have to distribute it during the registration. And during the distribution, problem arises… some did not agree with their sizes… but sorry, I can’t entertain for size changes coz I have to follow what on the list given to me… but at the end, we manage to swap some sizes… and everyone is happy… except during the day, the second day, when all of them wear the shirt… they said don’t go to Giant Supermarket wearing the shirt… LOL… it turn out the colour looks similar to the Giant staffs shirts πŸ˜› And except for one guy given XXXL which can’t fit on him… I think he needed XXXXL… and I suggest to him to try next year Biggest Loser Asia Season 3 πŸ˜›


don’t get stress

games, ps3, psp, relax, Sony, stress, work, xbox

This week was a very hectic week… have to chase everything… I only left with a day tomorrow before I go for a long break… I have to complete loads of letters… documents… documentations… network designs… πŸ˜›

Sony PS3And the worst part, all the big shots and important staff in the office are not around for the past two days… they are having conference and seminar… two events at two locations for two days… and I really need to complete my work… I need their signatures… comments… dang I just hope they all come back tomorrow and don’t take leave… else I will not enjoy my trip… Only one more day tomorrow for me to settle all my work before I fly on Saturday… So tonight, I don’t want to stress out… I want to forget about these for a while… I just want to relax… don’t want to think about all these… I’m going to the gym… errr nope… I went last night… so tonight I just want to play games… wish I have Sony PS3 or Xbox 360 to play games on the big LCD TV… My nephews also have been pestering me to buy them a Sony PSP… I myself also need one PSP… πŸ˜›

I’m going home now… need to buy something for my aquarium… the thingy to suck out water… donno what is the name… siphonΒ  I think… I have not change my aquarium water for more than a month… lucky the water filter is good… πŸ˜€

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had enough of sleep

insomia, sleep, sleeping pills, work

Was so tired today… lazy to go out so did not go out for lunch… just eat 3 pieces of Japanese tausa buns instead with mango juice in the office πŸ˜› I wanted to sleep during lunch time on my chair but… I can’t coz my back is still in pain… well, not exactly pain all the time… I’m recovering well… but for now, every time I sit for long time, I will have a hell of time to stand up… so imagine if I fell asleep on the chair… it’s gonna be a huge trouble for me to stand-up when I wakes up.

Since I can’t sleep on my chair, I tried to finish some work during lunch time… and went back the moment the clock hit ‘time to go home’… at home I just dump myself on the bed… without sleeping pills, I fell asleep immediately.

I woke-up after like… two hours… feeling fresh… πŸ˜€ But now, sure I will not sleep early tonight… will stay awake late… probably till 2.00 am… but not coz of insomia πŸ˜› …Β maybe I’m gonna need sleeping pills now… πŸ˜›

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paid trip to home town

government forum, online affiliate marketing, online competition, online promotion, work

Received a call from an organizer today… aboutΒ  some online competition and coming government forum… the call was from outside the country… I knew it immediately coz the person on the other end has a different slang.Β  I have attended twice their forum before, so I was a bit relieve when I knew who she was.

Usually when I received a call from someone with a thick slang, I get very tense coz sometimes these people are promoting things like bond, fund, share… bla bla bla… all kind of investment scheme from neighboring countries… which I’m not interested and can’t afford. If it is about online affiliate marketing, I will consider it for my blogs… πŸ˜€

paid trip to home town

Anyway, the funny thing is about the prize… the overall prize for the online competition. When she said the prize is a 5 day all expenses paid trip to Kota Kinabalu…. I almost bust into laugh… but not to be rude, I kept quite… but laughing inside… πŸ˜†

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i’m feeling lazy…

honeymoon, jack pot, life, travel, vacation, wedding favors, work

This month and next month are busy months…

So many office works need to be completed… backlogs are so much… meetings here and there… to get specifications… to prepare reports… to do technical drawings… going outstations… attending courses… πŸ˜›

So many activities coming up… paintball training… paintball competitions… photography outings… donno want to go or not… πŸ˜›

So many favors need to give away… lucky no one asked for wedding favors… helping others to prepare reports… digging for information… specifications…

I don’t think I like to do all these anymore… work so hard… at the end nobody appreciate you… well, not all… but some… πŸ˜›

I need a break… I need to go for vacation… how nice if I strike the Jack Pot… nothing to worry about… just spend… do charity… travel… πŸ˜›

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Working 21hours a week

employment, insurance, mental breakdown, overwork, work

I’m working from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm everyday from Monday to Friday… and that’s 9 hours a day or 45 hours a week.
But if you read this statement from a UK’s left-wing think tank the New Economics Foundation… “working week should be cut to 21 hours to help boost the economy and improve quality of life”…

WOW… that’s like working 4 hours and 12 minutes only a day from Monday to Friday!!!

The foundation claimed in its report that the reduction in working hours would help ease unemployment and overwork… cool… less people will get stressed-out or gets nervous breakdown… but too bad to those selling mechanical breakdown insurance πŸ˜›

The foundation is aware that by reducing the working hours people would earn less, but said they would have more time to carry out worthy tasks. They would have better scope to look after their children or other dependants, there would be more opportunity for civic duties, and older people could even delay retirement, the foundation said.

Well, I’m ready for that… but wonder when it will be implemented here… πŸ˜›


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