EarthFrisk is a new social hub with Social Bookmarking, Social Networking and Social Media features. Anyone can join and start socializing and make friends at EarthFrisk.

There are about 40 categories such as Offbeat, Humor, Technology, Videos, Music, Life, Entertainment and many more. Currently they are running a contest where bloggers and other members can make big money. The contest is for the appreciation for the support of their University student research teams as well as EarthFriskers from all over the world.

To win the $2,000 cash prize, all you have to do is create the largest network of friends or members. But you must hurry-up because the contest ends on Monday November 19th, 2007 at 12 midnight Eastern Standard Time. The prize also includes a 6 months Virtual Office services. The Virtual Office services include 3 office addresses that you can use as your own, a full staff of people (5-7) with real names that you can say are your employees, a toll free (800) number, a group fax line and professional answering and messaging.

There are three others contest like the most submissions, the most amount of comments placed in comments on boards and best original homepage/profile.