Last week, on 11 till 13 of November, my office had a two days workshop… I went there a day earlier coz I’m one of the committee member. The workshop was held at INTAN Campus along the Sulaman Highway in Tuaran.

My duties was to design, embroiled and purchase t-shirt for the workshop participants. It was decided that the shirt will be green polo t-shirt. Sound easy… all I have to do is design the logo, the shirt and then get the number of sizes before sending to the shop. Boy… it was not easy… especially getting the sizes from the participants… Luckily I received the final sizes just enough time for the shop to get the shirts ready before the event. So all together I have to get:

12 – XXXL
11 – XXL
62 – XL
74 – L
82 – M

if I was to prepare for petite clothing, I don’t think we can get the cloth ready on time 😛

Getting ready the t-shirts is not the end of it… we have to distribute it during the registration. And during the distribution, problem arises… some did not agree with their sizes… but sorry, I can’t entertain for size changes coz I have to follow what on the list given to me… but at the end, we manage to swap some sizes… and everyone is happy… except during the day, the second day, when all of them wear the shirt… they said don’t go to Giant Supermarket wearing the shirt… LOL… it turn out the colour looks similar to the Giant staffs shirts 😛 And except for one guy given XXXL which can’t fit on him… I think he needed XXXXL… and I suggest to him to try next year Biggest Loser Asia Season 3 😛