When I was in uni, I was riding a small bike… well not really small… it was Honda Fame C90. I bought it from another Sabahan who has completed his study. Here, it is compulsory to wear helmet when riding bike… so I bought a cheap helmet.

Then later on, my friend bought a helmet but only used it a day coz he was not comfortable with it… and he sold it to me. I was happy to take it coz the helmet was quite thick… and it was red. That time, fullface helmet was not allowed… it is banned. The reason was the authority do not want it to be abused for criminal activities… for me it was stupid regulation coz people use tinted visor which was allowed, if they want to do criminal act… πŸ˜›

But today fullface helmet like Scorpion VX-34 is allowed… it was more on the safety reason. Fullface helmet can protect the head better than the regular helmet… the turtle helmet is the worse although it looks stylish, coz it don’t even cover your ears…:P