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When I was in uni, I was riding a small bike… well not really small… it was Honda Fame C90. I bought it from another Sabahan who has completed his study. Here, it is compulsory to wear helmet when riding bike… so I bought a cheap helmet.

Then later on, my friend bought a helmet but only used it a day coz he was not comfortable with it… and he sold it to me. I was happy to take it coz the helmet was quite thick… and it was red. That time, fullface helmet was not allowed… it is banned. The reason was the authority do not want it to be abused for criminal activities… for me it was stupid regulation coz people use tinted visor which was allowed, if they want to do criminal act… 😛

But today fullface helmet like Scorpion VX-34 is allowed… it was more on the safety reason. Fullface helmet can protect the head better than the regular helmet… the turtle helmet is the worse although it looks stylish, coz it don’t even cover your ears…:P

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backup your phone data online

asap, backup, online, safety, security

If you are using the new Windows Mobile 6.5 on your mobile phone, you should be able to see the Microsoft My Phone.

OK, what izzit? Well it is a kind of phone service provided by Microsoft… but not to make calls or sms… it is a kind of online backup service for your phone’s contacts, calendar, tasks, text messages, music, photos, videos and other documents.

To use it, you will need a Windows Live ID… you can register one from the web if you don’t have one yet… then with your Windows Live ID, login from your phone and everything will be straight forward, your phone should be able to sync with the Microsoft My Phone service.

Other than providing online backup for your mobile phone data, Microsoft My Phone also can be used to track your lost mobile phone… it can tell you the last known location of your phone on a map based on where it was last synced or shared photos using the My Phone.

I have fiddle with the service on my Windows Mobile 6.5 phone, but I’m not dare to register yet… I’m very concern about the data safety… will it get leaked out? But I’m still thinking… I will not dump it completely… I might use the service one day… 😛

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toyota oh toyota…

car, insurance, life, safety, toyota, vehicle

Toyota is one of the biggest car producers in the world… and it has been the leader for many years. But Toyota is facing huge problem since a couple of years…

Toyota is the only Japanese car I like… and I support their F1 team together with Mercedes F1… but unfortunately their F1 team will not be racing this year… same with few other teams which were hit by the world financial meltdown last year.

For the past two years, Toyota has been recalling its vehicles… and it has recalled millions already. They are top in sales but they are also top in recall!!!

But almost all the recalled vehicles are with Toyota US!!! Not here in Malaysia.

Last year they were having problem with floor mat which will slip and cause major safety on the driver’s handling. Now they are having safety issues on the gas pedal… and recently there is a possibility safety issue on the brake system!!! But not all models are affected… only some…

If you are owning any of the US Toyota vehicles which has been identified as having safety issues, I think if you need term life insurance or do not have any right now, you better get it now… else you just have to keep your Toyota in the garage or sell it off… 😛

If Toyota keeps on recalling their vehicles, I’m scared they will vanish from the business very soon… I hope they can improve their safety standard or fix whatever problem they are having in the production line… I hope it is not caused by design flaw because Toyota has one of the best designs… hopefully it’s just caused by bad materials…

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no more wireless microphone… it’s dangerous…

700 MHz, band, fcc, frequencies, microphone, safety, security, wireless

The Federal Communications Commission or FCC is banning wireless microphone for public safety!!! wow… is there a danger in using wireless microphone?… previously NO… but now YES…

The banned wireless microphones are those using the 700 MHz band… and the ban is effective from 12 June 2010… That’s less than 6 months from now… 😛

We have so many kind of wireless thingy today… wireless security systems for home, wireless security cameras, etc., etc., etc… are they getting banned soon too?… Just hope they don’t…

Well, the reason the wireless microphone banned is because it is causing interference to band used for public safety.

When these microphones were first designed, it was not interfering with other devices because it is operating within the public television broadcast frequencies which are between the 698 MHz to 806 MHz… or better known as the 700 MHz Band.

But with the completion of the digital television (DTV) transition on 12 June 2009, television stations are no longer using the band.

Now, these frequencies are being used by public safety entities (such as police, fire and emergency services) and by commercial providers of wireless services (such as wireless broadband services).

So, under a new FCC rule, anyone who uses a wireless microphone that operates in the 700 MHz Band will have to stop operating their wireless microphone by 12 June 2010.

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Falling Scaffoldings

insurance, land and survey department, life, renovation, safety, scaffoldings

If you come across with this situation… probably your car insurance alone will not be sufficient… you gonna need a life insurance too… if the scaffolding fall directly on your path!!!

The photos were captured this morning around 10am along Penampang Road. The scaffoldings are used to do renovation on the old Land and Survey Department’s office near Queen Elizabeth Hospital… which is also in the process of being demolish.

If the safety net was not erected next to the building, the scaffolding definitely have fallen onto the road… imagine if there are few cars travelling along the road at 80 KM/h… sure there will be pile of cars sandwiched together!!!

I hope they have removed the scaffolding for everyone’s safety… the relevant authority in charge of safety should visit the site and give the contractor a hard lecture on safety…

Do you know that to erect or assemble the scaffoldings you need to go through a course and certification?


Dye i4

dye, goggle, i4, life, paintball, safety

One of the most advance safety products from Dye is its goggle, the new Dye’s i4 goggle.

Some of the i4 features are:

– Revolutionary rapid lens changing system which allows the lens to be changed in less than 10 seconds.
– Gives more vertical and horizontal peripheral vision than any other mask system on the market today.
– Designed with the Professional in mind, thus provides comfort, rigidity and lightweight protection with Dye one piece, dual injected mask design.
– Sleek, light, low profile soft compression ear pads provide the protection you need while offering style and hearing clarity.
– The anatomically correct i4 mask system offers the best in comfort for all facial contours.
– The i4 retention strap system needs to be adjusted once and once only.
– One of the i4’s greatest features is the Multi-Directional Venting.
– The i4 comes equipped with Dye’s enhanced High Definition Lens, providing optimal lens clarity in any weather situation.

And I bought one during the World Cup Asia 2009 – Paintball Asia Series (PALS) for RM350.

I have not tried it on field yet but soon… 😀

It’s a great goggle… it snugs nicely on my face… and it gives more confidence when wearing it… 😀


I feel like whacking someone

life, people, politic, safety

The politics scenario in Malaysia right now is really wasting a lot of time and resources. I really hate with what’s going on right now.

Since 8 March 2008, after the 12th General Election, the scenario of Malaysia’s politics changed like never before. It’s all because of the big losses of the Barisan Nasional (BN) to Pekatan Rakyat (PR).

BN lost the two-third majorities in the federal government which it enjoys for the past 50 years. And it also lost another 4 states out of the 13 states (15 if you include KL and Labuan). BN lost 5 states actually, including Kelantan which has been ruled by opposition, PAS, for sometimes. . . . Continue Reading »

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Mum, check this out

health, marathon, safety, sports

Mum out there, check this out… Paula Radcliffe gave birth 9 months ago or to be exact just 291 days. Today she triumphly show off her baby while waving a British flag celebrating her New York marathon victory… a 26.2 miles in just two hours and 23 minutes.

But not everyone agree with what she is doing. Some will say it is not safe, rigorous exercise before pregnancy is unsafe, rigorous sports after pregnancy is not save… bla bla bla… I guess everyone has their own opinion, but opinion is only good as what the person think, the mum has her own and final says whether she can or cannot do it… I think around my place, after 40 days, already gone to ‘sawah padi mari makan’ woo… survival first, health later… sometimes, professional advice just doesn’t make sense one… more


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