Shoplift, snatch thieve, mugging, bully, fighting, and all kind of other criminal activities are in the news every day. It makes the police hopeless… they even request the shopping complexes to provide more in-house security especially in the parking area where lots of robbery or even kidnaping occurs. Last month alone, there are more than 5 robbery cases in shopping complex parking area… how can we feel safe?… it’s scary… especially to women.

As a deterrent, every shop, hotel, shopping complex, parking area, house, office, hospital, school, etc. should install CCTV or closed circuit television at strategic locations. Nowadays CCTV is easily available, from mini to large scale size, cheap to expensive. These security camera recordings really help as evidence when criminal activities occurred or to quash any dispute.

In the market, there are few types of security camera… for indoor or outdoor, wired or wireless, with or without night-vision/infrared… wireless security cameras are the easiest to install where no wall hacking or cable laying needed. And there are two types of wireless security camera… with battery or without battery. Those operating on battery are considered full wireless… it don’t require any cabling, it’s powered with the battery and transfer the audio/video signal wirelessly. The cost difference between wired and wireless may be noticeable where wired is cheaper. But if cable lying for power and data is added, the pricing can be almost the same as wireless camera.

The quality of the camera recordings is very important. There is no point recording the scene and having a very low video resolution especially at low light like night time. Good quality security camera and recorder or DVR is important… it maybe a little bit costly but it will be worthy when you need them most later.