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security camera

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Shoplift, snatch thieve, mugging, bully, fighting, and all kind of other criminal activities are in the news every day. It makes the police hopeless… they even request the shopping complexes to provide more in-house security especially in the parking area where lots of robbery or even kidnaping occurs. Last month alone, there are more than 5 robbery cases in shopping complex parking area… how can we feel safe?… it’s scary… especially to women.

As a deterrent, every shop, hotel, shopping complex, parking area, house, office, hospital, school, etc. should install CCTV or closed circuit television at strategic locations. Nowadays CCTV is easily available, from mini to large scale size, cheap to expensive. These security camera recordings really help as evidence when criminal activities occurred or to quash any dispute.

In the market, there are few types of security camera… for indoor or outdoor, wired or wireless, with or without night-vision/infrared… wireless security cameras are the easiest to install where no wall hacking or cable laying needed. And there are two types of wireless security camera… with battery or without battery. Those operating on battery are considered full wireless… it don’t require any cabling, it’s powered with the battery and transfer the audio/video signal wirelessly. The cost difference between wired and wireless may be noticeable where wired is cheaper. But if cable lying for power and data is added, the pricing can be almost the same as wireless camera.

The quality of the camera recordings is very important. There is no point recording the scene and having a very low video resolution especially at low light like night time. Good quality security camera and recorder or DVR is important… it maybe a little bit costly but it will be worthy when you need them most later.

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wireless microphone

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Last year, my office was looking for a few wireless microphones. I thought it was an easy task. What so difficult surveying for wireless microphone… five microphones and a receiver… and I’m sure it won’t be that expensive.

Oh boy… I was so wrong… I did not know that good wireless microphone… one wireless microphone and one receiver… will cost so much. A good wireless microphone is a set which will not get interference or interfere with other devices.

Now I realize that wireless microphone is not a simple device… it’s a critical piece of equipment especially when used in important event like concert. You can use a cheap microphone for karaoke but definitely not for concert… you gonna need high quality microphone like royer microphones Musicians friend… well, this is not wireless microphone but this mostly used inside studio for recording. It can cost up to 5 grand… yea, that’s expensive… but you won’t feel the price when you compare the quality you get… 😛

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no more wireless microphone… it’s dangerous…

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The Federal Communications Commission or FCC is banning wireless microphone for public safety!!! wow… is there a danger in using wireless microphone?… previously NO… but now YES…

The banned wireless microphones are those using the 700 MHz band… and the ban is effective from 12 June 2010… That’s less than 6 months from now… 😛

We have so many kind of wireless thingy today… wireless security systems for home, wireless security cameras, etc., etc., etc… are they getting banned soon too?… Just hope they don’t…

Well, the reason the wireless microphone banned is because it is causing interference to band used for public safety.

When these microphones were first designed, it was not interfering with other devices because it is operating within the public television broadcast frequencies which are between the 698 MHz to 806 MHz… or better known as the 700 MHz Band.

But with the completion of the digital television (DTV) transition on 12 June 2009, television stations are no longer using the band.

Now, these frequencies are being used by public safety entities (such as police, fire and emergency services) and by commercial providers of wireless services (such as wireless broadband services).

So, under a new FCC rule, anyone who uses a wireless microphone that operates in the 700 MHz Band will have to stop operating their wireless microphone by 12 June 2010.

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Day 5 – CWNA… bye bye…

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September 7, fifth day… our final tea-break… chit-chatting for the last time… at Malaysia Open Source Ttraining Centre (MOST)

MOST is located at Sadong Jaya, Karamunsing.

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Day 5 – CWNA… Test Result

photography, wifi, wireless, work

wohoooo… I completed my course… got my cert 8)

The 5 top students…. 5th Darius (KSIT) – mouse pad, 4th Ray (HQ) – mouse pad, 3rd Arman (HQ) – cap

2nd Me (KSIT) – cap 8)  1st Edi (KSIT) – Novell watch

fuyooo… my office sapu 3 places…. 😮

It was cool that MOST gave us supprise by giving prizes… we did not expect it… although the prizes are not expensive like notebook or printer LOL… it still really made all of us happy with excitement… way to go MOST… we might come back here 8)

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Day 5 – CWNA… Test

computers, photography, wifi, wireless, work

Before and after the test. Ray showing his Cisco AP. Alex explaning VLAN.

Test on going… my station 8)

My answer paper… there are 16 questions.

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Day 4 – CWNA

computers, photography, wifi, wireless, work

Today, September 6, 2007, we did some new stuff. We tried on Radius authentication which did not work very well since the equipment did not support MD5 encryption. Then testing some tools to capture packets.

There is another class going on… Linux class I guess. And one of the student is our former Practical/Industrial Student about a year ago. We do accept Practical Student in our office, but we don’t pay… gov policy. But if any student interested, duties we will give them are hardware/network/system maintenance/fixing/assembling and software development in ASP & SQL. He asked if he can do his practical at our office again… I said no problem… need some student to do some dirty job like carying boxes, server etc… LOL

And tomorrow, we’re going to have a real simple test… o come on!!!… I hate test!!!… according to the lecturer, it was the instruction from our mangement…. booo…. writing test is not the best way to measures someone performance… practical is!!!

Class going on very well… I never get bored… normally I get bored easily 😛

emm…. not in heavy thinking yea… just surfin 8)



Day 3 – CWNA

computers, photography, wifi, wireless, work

 Third day, September 5, 2007, is great… we tried bridging the APs. I’m glad that we did this experiment becoz one of the site office (Railway Department) we are handling is using the same principle and equipment… when the duties was handed over to us to manage the site office almost 2 years ago, the AP bridges were already in place… luckily, so far it has been working well. But if it giving problem later, it should not be a problem 8)

Class in progres…

At the ground floor of the training centre, there is a travel agency… nice wall they have on their shop.

We had another simple test… grrrrrr…

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Day 2 – CWNA

computers, photography, wifi, wireless, work

Second day, September 4, 2007, was getting insteresting. We were given the Access Point to play with. 

In the morning, we have our breakfast and at the evening, we have a tea-break.

Darius and Edi… 3 of us from the same office.

After the tea-break, we had a simple test… I hate test, I can’t write properly and I don’t like memorizing… gimme practical test and I do it without complain 8)


Day 1 – CWNA

computers, photography, wifi, wireless, work

The first day (September 3, 2007) of the Certified Wireless Network Administrator Course (CWNA) has a good start. Except for the bomb hoax during the lunch time at Maybank.

The class room… luckily internet is available, making it easy to google for wireless info.

Our lecturer, Mr. Alex, knowledgeable and not stingy to share his knowledge… 2 important values to be a good lecturer.

The USB WiFi adapter provided to us.

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