Love it! is a website which belongs to… errr… I don’t know! It only has the word ‘Turn’ in the ‘About’ section. Should we have more than one word in ‘About’ section? For me I would say ‘yes’ because I will use the section to at least explain the brief history or copyrights of the website.

But by having only one word in the ‘About’ section, it makes it very unique and secretive. The word chosen also make you wonder what he or she meant by it. The word ‘Turn’ to me is like asking me to turn back and read more in the previous page. And it also tells me there is nothing else in here… but it makes me wonder and want to know more… I don’t want to leave yet before getting an answer.

But if you choose to ‘Turn’, there are mixtures of contents in the front page like education, movies, life, facts, sports and many more. And the website design… emmm… something very simple but tidy… not like mine. Simplicity makes the website loads faster compared to mine which take ages sometimes to load. I think I might simplify my website like this too 😛