What is the fastest way to multiply money? Buying lottery? Yep, that is one way but it really depends on your good luck. Another way is to do internet marketing. But that too will depend on your luck. Well, everything will depend on your luck.

Anyway, stock market is one way people can multiply their money… lots of money. I and you know most of the rich people played in the stock market. I did play with stock market before but I almost burned myself because not enough information.

But if you play stock market today, you will not have problem getting information about the stock you are interested with. You can do your own research on the internet, not like during the 90s where internet is hardly being used. Plus your stockbrokers can do all the work for you to select the appropriate stock for you to trade.

You just invest your money, sit down and wait for it to multiply… that is why you are called investor 😆