Imagine, every time when you come back from exhibition, conference or meeting, inside your pocket is one inch tick of business cards of your new contacts. I do collect some business cards every time I attend a conference or meeting. Because there are some many of them, sometimes I misplaced some of them after sometimes, especially contacts that I do not communicate immediately after.

It will be a great help if you have tools like Scan2Contacts business card scanner and software for Microsoft Outlook. This business card scanner from Scanshell-Store is very unique because all you have to do to scan a card is place the card into the scanner tray and the card is automatically scanned and a new contact record is created in your Microsoft Outlook Contacts. That will definitely save you loads of time… and preventing you from loosing your contacts.

Since Scan2Contacts is fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook, you don’t have to have any other software to collect and manage your contacts. It will extract complete and accurate data and images from the business card in few seconds into you Microsoft Outlook Contacts. With the small footprint, it is very potable and do not require external power. It gets its power directly from the USB port on your notebook or PC.

Scan2Contacts is great for traveling sales persons or exhibitors at trade shows who can scan their attendee business card immediately and create a contact list which will make it easier for them to do follow-up. Scan2Contacts also excellent for going into paperless office and get rid all those business cards pile on your desk.