Family’s main fridge broke down on Thursday… it has been fixed a couple of times. Since I was on leave on that day coz I had my tooth pulled the day before, I took the opportunity to scout for a new fridge. I went Chan Furniture at Jalan Lintas, Kepayan, with one of my nephew.

Deciding for a replacement with the same size was quite difficult coz the prices are not very attractive… but at the end manage to decide after scouting for more than half hour inside the warehouse.

I ask for some discounts… manage to get some… but I believe it was a standard discount to make every client happy. So, I ask for free gift… and they offered me to choose between the custom water bottles or the food container… I choose the custom water bottles coz I have more use to it than the food container… man… they year is still young and spend so much money already… hope I can strike some 4D this year to recover all those money 😆

.. 😆 ..