It’s a long holiday this week… Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday… meaning only work on Monday and Friday. It is becoz of the double public holiday, and they overlaps each other… 😛

The Eid Mubarak or Hari Raya Aidilfitri falls on 30th and 31st August plus the Malaysia National Day on 31st August… Since the two public holidays overlap each other on 31st August, 1st September is declared as additional holiday… 😀

It was hazy since Friday… and it’s quite bad… but lucky it was raining heavily yesterday, 30th August, and today it was cloudy although the sun was shining in the afternoon for a few hours.

So what is best to do during the long holiday with the cooler weather?… well, cleaning up is one of them… so I decided to clean up some junks around… and today, I only manage to take out about 20% of my old junks which most of them are papers, magazines and books… but it’s enough to make some difference.

The other 80% are some more books, magazines, electronics stuffs and cloths… and there are large amount of cloths coz I have not thrown any cloths before I guess… or maybe I did once… 😛

Most of the cloths are shirts… casual or sport shirts and working shirts… they are not used so much especially the working shirts coz I grow size quite fast… 😛 yeah, you should know what I mean… 😛

I don’t know what to do with those cloths… but friends advice me to donate them… but I donno where to donate them… the cloths might look new but probably rotten coz they were sitting in the cabinet for some years… if they are made of high quality linen like the matouk linen, probably they are still in good shape… 😛

Anyways, I still need to continue with the clearing tomorrow… not planning to do all the 80%… if I can do another 20%, that would be great…