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Gone for a long time… back with street photography

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It has been 31 months since my last post on 12th April 2013… minus a few days. Yes, that is a very very long lapse… I don’t even sure if anyone is reading this blog. And worse, I’ve forgotten how to FTP to this site.

Since I’ve forgotten how to FTP, I use another way to upload photos to this site. I’m still figuring out how to do the right way.

Anyway, I won’t write a long entry for now… I just want to share some photos I took during my unofficial visit to Kuala Lumpur on 1 – 4 November.

Onboard AirAsia AK5109 (1st November 2015), approaching KLIA

View from MidValley… sunny and less haze.

Touring alone at KLCC and toying around with Sony Alpha 7 II camera.

Inside KLCC.

KLCC train station.

KL-Central train station.

View from Mid Valley, heavy rain at far away. The rain barely reach Mid Valley, only a few drops hit my hotel window.


Somewhere above South China Sea on board of AirAsia AK5118 (04.50pm) which was delayed coz we have to wait 8 aircrafts in front of us to take off.

Inside AirAsia AK5118 (4th November 2015) before touchdown at KKIA.


entering 2nd half of the year

christmas, holiday, new year, ornaments

wow… we are almost finishing half year of the 2012… we have less than 10 days before we enter the second half of the year… 😛

And before you knew it, the second half of the year is finishing… Christmas and New Year are getting closer… holiday mood will swing in and everyone we will start decorating their Christmas tree with customized christmas ornaments

Well, I just hope I can complete all my works on time… in fact I’m already behind schedule on most of my work goals this year… I really hope I will be able to recover on the second half of the year… and back on track… must think of good strategy to tackle all these goals… crossing my finger that I will… 😛

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Journey from Tawau – August 2011

adventure, bus, double deckers, holiday, journey, journey around sabah, lahad datu, motor home, mount kinabalu, ranau, tawau, travel, work

After the exciting 6 hours journey on 24th August at Kalabakan road, we decided not to return with that road to Kota Kinabalu… furthermore the weather was cloudy and raining. We returned on 26th August through the common old road which is much longer… I think about 600KM or so and more hilly paths where it will pass Mount Kinabalu.

We reach Tawau around 4pm on 24th, and booked into Heritage Hotel. And this is the first time I have to change room. Before we went out around 6pm for dinner and ‘work’, I checked the windows to make sure it is locked, and it was not… and I can’t lock it. The latch is locked but not hooked… 😛 I decided to report it later when I come back coz need to rush for dinner… ‘buka puasa’ actually since my two colleagues are fasting for the Ramadan. But we were only back to the hotel around 10pm something… coz after dinner we actually went to install and configure the server and troubleshoot the network that night at our branch office so that we will not be rushing the next day… after all we are still excited with the journey I guess… and it is ‘puasa’ month, easier to work at night.

I called the room service and reported the window problem, and they sent two maintenance guys. They tried and said, they can’t unlock it coz they don’t have the key and the person in charge of the key has gone home for the day. The other guy assure me nothing will happen… it’s safe he said. I scolded him… I asked him what happen if someone kill me tonight?… the other guy was more professional and said, they will find a solution, they need to talk to the manager or something and they left. A few minutes later, the reception called and inform they can’t unlock the window, and the only way is for me to change room… 😛 So change room from 312 to 212 😛 . . . Continue Reading »

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Journey To Tawau – August 2011

adventure, crocker range, holiday, journey, journey around sabah, kalabakan, lost world, meliau basin, tawau, travel, work

On 24th August 2011, I went to Tawau for official duties… for the second time this year. The last one was on 10th May. As usual, we travelled by land… with our office four wheel drive the Toyota Fortuner 2.5D.

Although I can use airplane to Tawau, I prefer to travel by land coz I can enjoy the scenery along the 400km journey. Furthermore time is on our side if we use our own vehicle… we don’t have to rush… we can drive slow or fast… We can stop anywhere we like to relieve ourselves.

Not like travelling by air, have to be on time to catch the flight… I really hate it when the schedule is tight… that’s why I usually take flight in the afternoon if I have to fly… coz I hate getting ready early in the morning. Travelling for official duty and non official like travelling for Las Vegas holidays are two completely different loads… yes loads… for official, the loads like the garments must be neat and well taken care… but for holiday, I can simply chunk my cloths into the luggage without worrying if they get crumple or not… 😛 . . . Continue Reading »


long holiday

cleaning, Eid Mubarak, Hari Raya, holiday, junk, linen, matouk, national day, weather

It’s a long holiday this week… Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday… meaning only work on Monday and Friday. It is becoz of the double public holiday, and they overlaps each other… 😛

The Eid Mubarak or Hari Raya Aidilfitri falls on 30th and 31st August plus the Malaysia National Day on 31st August… Since the two public holidays overlap each other on 31st August, 1st September is declared as additional holiday… 😀

It was hazy since Friday… and it’s quite bad… but lucky it was raining heavily yesterday, 30th August, and today it was cloudy although the sun was shining in the afternoon for a few hours.

So what is best to do during the long holiday with the cooler weather?… well, cleaning up is one of them… so I decided to clean up some junks around… and today, I only manage to take out about 20% of my old junks which most of them are papers, magazines and books… but it’s enough to make some difference.

The other 80% are some more books, magazines, electronics stuffs and cloths… and there are large amount of cloths coz I have not thrown any cloths before I guess… or maybe I did once… 😛

Most of the cloths are shirts… casual or sport shirts and working shirts… they are not used so much especially the working shirts coz I grow size quite fast… 😛 yeah, you should know what I mean… 😛

I don’t know what to do with those cloths… but friends advice me to donate them… but I donno where to donate them… the cloths might look new but probably rotten coz they were sitting in the cabinet for some years… if they are made of high quality linen like the matouk linen, probably they are still in good shape… 😛

Anyways, I still need to continue with the clearing tomorrow… not planning to do all the 80%… if I can do another 20%, that would be great…

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No holiday

holiday, life, luggage, rant, work

Everybody started taking year end leave already… everybody are going for vacation… but for those whose duties are to make sure the systems runs well at all time will hardly get those luxury 😛

And I really hate it when some people don’t understand that doing important support job is a stressful job… we can’t just leave things behind… and this ‘people’ simply call for unnecessary meetings… for the sake of trying to complete their own unimportant work… if the lame meeting is not conducted this year, no account will be unclosed you see… but when system don’t work, the whole administration and accounting will collapse… I think the luggage sets I bought in KL during WCA last month will not be going anyway soon… probably till next year… 😛


Back to office… need more than what it takes…

break, holiday, life, luck, office, vacation, work

Long public holiday is over… it’s time to go back to work… since Wednesday. But after a long break… four days altogether for last week and five days for the previous week… going back to work is a very hard thing to do…

Sleeping and waking up late are more fun… no worries.

Roaming around doing nothing also fun to do… no worries… no hurry… no datelines… no meeting…

Well, work is work… no job, no monies… so what ever the hassle I have to go through every morning and throughout the day… I still have to face them… 🙁 I need to eat… I need salary to buy foods… 😛

In the office, after leaving it for sometimes, there are many things to be done… everything are piling up… reading emails… replying emails… attending meetings… troubleshooting… ordering office supplies… completing reports… completing systems…

I wish I strike a jackpot and don’t have to work for the rest of my life… 😆 just travel around the world… vacations throughout the year… after year… 😀

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My Ideal Cruise Vacation

carribean, cruise, holiday, vacation

Although I had a long weekend this week… including my two days leave on Thursday and Friday, it was not enough. I wish I can go for longer leave and go for holiday or cruise somewhere like following the Caribbean cruises.

Well, talking about cruises, to those who love to cruise, let me tell you something… you should have your very own My Ideal Cruise Vacation plan or package. Yes there are plenty of cruise packages offered by many tour agents out there.  But you need to set or pick your own My Ideal Cruise Vacation so that you will not regret after you return from your cruise vacation.

You definitely do not want to have a bad cruise vacation after saving and forking so much money for the My Ideal Cruise Vacation right?… so choose wisely.

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Journey around Sabah – Tempurung Seaside Lodge’s Sand Fly

holiday, hotel, kuala penyu, life, nature, sand fly, Tempurung Seaside Lodge

This is a back posting for my Journey around Sabah – Tempurung Seaside Lodge, Kuala Penyu. I woke up as early as 6.00am on Wednesday, 17 December 2008.

It was already bright… coz Sabah gets the sun earlier than peninsular Malaysia but of course Sandakan at the east of Sabah facing the open Pacific Ocean gets the sun much more earlier.

The sound of the waves hitting the beach in the early morning is very soothing. It makes you forget the world around you… as if you are in another free world.

I took my digital and video camera and went to the balcony. Birds are singing and dancing happily while sucking the flowers’ nectar around the resort. I was frozen until I forgot to take their photos.

I guess I was the only human being awake in the resort at that time. Everything is still frozen… the office, restaurant, etc… Usually I don’t wake up so early but that day I guess I was awaken by the beautiful sound of the waves and the singing birds. The other resort guests and workers must be still enjoying their dreams… not sure what are they dreaming.

I went down to the beach… enjoying the surrounding while walking down the long and steep wooden stairs… probably more than 50 meters long.

While at the beach, I felt like a lot of stuff brushing on my legs… but I can’t see what are brushing on my legs. The feeling is like some cobwebs tangled on you. But when I look closely, they are actually small insects. They are about 1 mm and white in color which make it very hard to see… combined that with the white beach sand and the early morning lights, makes it even harder to see.

The day after my encounter with the insects at the beach, I felt my legs are all itchy. I was scratching my legs all over because it was so itchy and I’m not sure which spot to scratch. Then red spots are appearing like mosquitoes bites and growing to about 2 cm wide. The harder I scratch the spot, the better the feelings are… and you don’t want to stop scratching it coz it felt so good… until the skin peeled.

I was quite worried at that time… I don’t want to be infected with malaria or dengue… and bed ridden with cerebral palsy when nerves breakdown. I was very worried with the itchiness and red spots, but lucky someone commented at by earlier post asking about ‘sand fly’ at Tempurung Seaside Lodge. When I Google ‘sand fly’, I got all the answers I needed. I don’t have to worry about nerves breakdown, malaria or dengue anymore because it’s just sand fly bites. But I still went and buy MOPIKO for the itchiness… and mosquitoes repellent spray to add into my medicine bag.


I want to runaway for a while


When I woke up this morning, I felt like going golfing somewhere far away and not around here anymore like always. I guess I’m feeling like this because I’m over burned lately and wanted to runaway for awhile by going golfing and cruising… in Hawaii probably.

Finding for Hawaii cruise vacation packages is not that difficult, I can use TravelStore to arrange my getaway cruise and golfing in Hawaii. I can cruise in their cruiser to go around the islands for few days to relax my mind and cool down from the over burned. And at the same time I can use my big gun, Canon 40D, to snap my journey. Then once on the main Hawaii Island, I can play my golf in the most exquisite golf courses in the world… trust me, their golf courses will make you feel like you are out of this world. With my relaxed mind, I’m sure I can hit longer and probably get a few hole in one 😀

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