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A Fresh Take on the Browser… CHROME

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Google ChromeIf you are fade-up with IE or Firefox or whatever browser you are using right now… probably this will make you happy, especially when this one came from none other than the big G… GOOGLE!

Yes, Google will be coming out with their very browser… CHROME.

Chrome is build from scratch… built on the best elements out there.

They said Chrome will runs today’s complex web applications much better. Each tab will be isolated from each others ‘sandbox’… no more tabs crashing other tabs.

You can read more about it at A fresh take on the browser or download the beta at
Google Chrome


Google is the culprit for sometimes… no, this has nothing to do with Page Rank

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I really hate Google sometimes. Yes, they are a good search engine… they are they best, if that makes you feel better… you google freak. I don’t want to deny that. Recently… well 2 weeks ago, I downloaded and install one of their ‘good tools’, PICASA into my notebook. Picasa is for you to manage your photos and do some editing. It also can manage your Picasa online album at Google.

Last week, I tried to open an email attachment in my Outlook. I can’t! Well, I was having this problem on my PC for sometimes already but I did not bother about it since my pc is just waiting to be reformatted… it has many whistle here and there already… and further more I have the notebook.  The weird thing is, I can open other attachment like pdf or text file but not an email attached to an email!

I search for solution… with Google of course if that makes you happy, you Google freak… and found a registry fix… even Microsoft said fix the registry… so I add a new string value in my registry at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\10.0\Outlook\Security\Level1Remove with .msg and .eml

Tried it both on the PC and notebook… but still no good. Search and search again for solution… one said, remove your Google Desktop. But as far as I remember, I never install Google Desktop on my notebook.. only Picasa.

I gave up… until a few days later, I open my control panel to see what inside my Add Remove Programs… guess what I found? Google Desktop! Dammit… where the hack that came from? It must have come together with the Picasa… immediately uninstall the bloody Googel Desktop… the Picasa was not touched. Fire my Outlook, open the attachment… booom… it open!!!

Go to my PC, uninstall the Google Desktop which I installed many months ago… booom… my attachment opened!!!


Google Adwords Guide & Ebook

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If you have something to sell or have sold in the internet before, I’m sure you must have heard about Google Adwords before. And I’m sure you have heard about guides on how to make use of it.

There are many Google Adwords guides out there, but what I’m going to show you today is a guide and eBook by Steve Baker called The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords. Steve Baker is a full time Pay Per Click (PPC) professional or you can call him the Google Adwords Professional.

At his website, you can find his genuinely unique and useful resource guide, blog, user comments and eBook about Google Adwords. It will show you how your Google Adwords contextual advert to appear in appropriate Google results so that you can get more hits from your contextual advert. If you have something to sell, you definitely will make money online by following his guide.


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