Astro is full of cooking shows… Channel 703 (Asian Food Channel) alone is purely for anything about food… from cooking to building restaurant. Channel 707 (TLC) also showing some cooking programme like Jamie’s Food Escape by the famous British cook. How about reality show? Yes, there are some and they are shown at Channel 711 (Star World) like Hell Kitchen, Master Chef US, Master Chef Australia and Junior Master Chef Australia… and coming soon is Master Chef Malaysia!!!

I really can’t wait to watch what kind of food Master Chef Malaysia going to put for challenge… and how they going to cook… I’m guessing they will not gonna miss traditional cooking and food… πŸ˜› And are they going to use modern cookware likeΒ le creuset or typical kampung kitchenware… really can’t wait for the show… πŸ˜€ It’s going to be interesting since all the other Master Chef programmes are modern kind of cooking.